Sennheiser GSP300 Headset Review | One Of The Best Sub $100 Headsets Out There?

Sennheiser is effectively identified interior the audio exchange for being one of many main manufacturers when it comes to gaming and day to day headsets. The world label affords a whole diversity of headsets that fluctuate from high-pause to entry-stage choices – all of which showcase tremendous price and amazing efficiency. These days, nonetheless, we’ll be taking a closer study one of Sennheiser’s headsets that resides somewhere within the heart – the GSP 300.

The Sennheiser GSP 300 is a wonderful headset that affords dazzling powerful all the pieces you’d favor from a gaming headset. It’s lightweight in obtain, amazing within the audio division, and has a microphone that will outshine many other choices at this label level.

We’ll be striking the Sennheiser GSP 300 via its paces to undercover agent the plot in which it stacks up in overall efficiency, label, and price for money – evaluating it against market leaders as we mosey.

So, with that in options, let’s extinguish no additional time and dive straight into it!


  • Construct Good – Extremely effectively-made headset
  • Audio Output – Successfully balanced sound for gaming and music
  • Microphone Clarity – Versatile and determined microphone
  • Lightweight Designate – Unlike extra top rate objects, the GSP 300s are lightweight and easy to wear for long gaming sessions


  • Comfort – Will likely be a small tight for elevated headed customers


Sennheiser GSP 300 Specs
Headphone Frequency Response 15 – 26,000 Hz
Wireless No
Battery Lifestyles N/A
Drivers 50mm Neodymium magnets
Microphone Bi-directional ECM, noise cancelling microphone
Weight 290g

Savor many other analog headset choices, the Sennheiser GSP 300s are immensely straightforward to arrangement up, honest out the box. The GSP 300 doesn’t require software to work, that system you would possibly maybe perchance well presumably additionally simply hasten them into your tool and away you mosey. The important thing cable affords a PC splitter connection, having acknowledged that, PS4, XBOX, cell, and tablet customers can employ the adapter chanced on within the box if they need to employ the headset on yet another tool.

The box follows the same theme because the opposite GSP family objects, wearing a white color theme with the headset on the front. Inside of, you would possibly maybe perchance well presumably additionally look a noticeable difference in protective cloth primitive when when put next with Sennheiser’s top rate choices (GSP 600 and GSP 670). While the material is powerful thinner, it aloof offers wide safety if dropped.

For the length of the box, we uncover the following objects:

  • Sennheiser GSP 300 Headset
  • Console single jack adapter
  • Handbook
  • Guarantee Card


The obtain of the Sennheiser GSP 300 is extraordinarily equivalent to the opposite GSP objects – as that you simply would be able to presumably demand. That being acknowledged, they’re powerful much less tubby than each the 600 and 670 – offering a extra streamlined, lightweight obtain which many gamers will cherish.

While the headset we bought sent was geared up with a blue and gunmetal grey color theme, the GSP 300s build procedure in crimson, shadowy, and white too – all of which build look very gamey. The earcups are oval in form and have an over-ear obtain which does encase the ear in its entirety. If I was being nit-picky, I’d must claim the memory foam padding chanced on within the earcups is on the thin facet – albeit aloof offering hundreds of comfort whereas in-employ. Sennheiser has fitted the GSP 300 with a leatherette earpad which does feel quite chilly all via employ. The insides of the earcups build now not procedure into contact with your ear (an gigantic plus) and had been personalized-designed to suit the ear better.

The headband is form of thin and affords up honest adjustment for folks that require it. On the underside of the headband, customers will earn an “aviation-inspired” cushion to serve amplify comfort stages additional. Sennheiser’s branding shall be chanced on on each earcups and the headband, leaving onlookers in absolute self assurance to which label this headset is.

The microphone is chanced on on the left-hand facet of the headset and is extremely sturdy in obtain. It has a handy swivel-to-calm microphone (adore the opposite GSP objects) and is form of corpulent in obtain. The cable is none detachable and rubberized. That being acknowledged, it feels dazzling sturdy and ought to aloof stand the test of time.

Construct Good

I’m always impressed by Sennheiser’s capability to obtain amazing obtain high-quality of their headsets, so I was looking out ahead to honest things when checking out the GSP 300.

Luckily, I was no upset. The GSP 300s felt extraordinarily effectively-made, particularly for a headset that comes in at below 300grams. The obtain is basically fabricated from plastic, but don’t let that fool you, this headset affords about a of the most life like likely flexibility I’ve seen. We zigzag and crooked the headset dazzling aggressively (a ways better than what would occur in day to day usage) and at no level felt adore the headset was going to spoil. We didn’t even hear any creaks from the major joints. This element felt fully rock precise.

We spent a wide quantity of time checking out the headband on this headset, mainly on legend of that’s generally presumably the most susceptible field – even extra so on a headset that doesn’t have any metal reinforcement. The adjustable mechanism felt a small on the free facet, but I’m now not keeping the rest against Sennheiser for this trait. The cushion underneath the headband is extraordinarily effectively-made and is company in its housing. The stitching is properly done and, although it is miles glued in arrangement, the glue appears to be extraordinarily precise.

Savor all GSP objects, the microphone has been effectively-designed the usage of a thick rubberized cloth for additional longevity. The swivel-to-calm feature isn’t quite as top rate feeling because the 600s or 670s but aloof outshines the rest else at this label level.

The cable would possibly maybe perchance additionally presumably be the worst of my considerations, mainly on legend of it’s made the usage of that age-outdated rubberized cloth. That being acknowledged, I’ve by no system in fact damaged one of those cables, they honest feel a small on the flimsy facet. Speaking of flimsy, the amount wheel on the honest earcup doesn’t in fact shout top rate at all –  offering small or no tension and making it feel on the cheap facet.

Besides that though, you’ve to put off your hands up to Sennheiser as soon as again. They’ve equipped the headset market with yet another very effectively-designed, properly-made headset.


Next up, is comfort – an field that in total shines quite brightly when referencing Sennheiser products.

I ought to aloof be honest, this would possibly maybe perchance additionally presumably be one of many comfiest headsets within the marketplace, albeit with one small downfall – which we’ll touch upon quickly. First, the positives.

The Sennheiser GSP 300 is an especially effectively-designed headset, with comfort being one of many major considerations all via the obtain route of. The headset is extremely lightweight in obtain, that system customers now not often even feel this element all via gaming sessions. Pairing the lightweight obtain with the memory foam padding (chanced on within the earcups and the headband) offers this headset the actual mixture of comforting attributes.

The leatherette materials primitive for the earpads now not easiest present a obedient-soft feel but additionally supply a cold (in temperature) obtain that blocks ambient noise out. The headband comes with a honest quantity of adjustability and affords a joyful cushion on its underside. The headband also offers honest the honest quantity of tension on the ears. You would possibly maybe additionally feel a small little bit of stress on the perimeters of the head, but nothing too dramatic. The acceptable quantity to be determined that the headset stays get at the same time as locking the sound in all via employ.

On the plot back, nonetheless, I maintain the GSP 300s would possibly maybe perchance additionally have equipped a tiny bit extra room within the headband. While my head match on this headset dazzling properly, I can look how some folks shall be at the limit by advance of sizing. That being acknowledged, I’m being quite pedantic at this stage, mainly on legend of Sennheiser has as soon as again knocked it out the park for comfort.

Overall, this would possibly maybe perchance additionally presumably be one of, if now not presumably the most joyful headsets interior the GSP fluctuate.


Okay, we’ve taken a study the obtain, obtain high-quality, and comfort, it’s now time to rep a closer study how the Sennheiser GSP 300s create in a gaming/audio scenario.

For me, here is presumably the most indispensable half of a headset review. It’s actually the variation between a honest and scandalous headset – no topic how many aspects or how joyful the headset is. For gamers, if the sound efficiency isn’t up to scratch, they shouldn’t be all for the headset at all.

With all that being acknowledged, let’s look what the GSP 300s needed to present.


I determined to commence the sound efficiency half of this review by taking half in about a of my favourite musical genres. This generally offers me a blinding honest conception of what the sound profile of a headset shall be adore. I performed a series of various genres which ranged from digital to rap, rock, and soul – all of which sounded dazzling damn honest.

For a headset that retails at round $100, the GSP 300s had a in fact effectively-rounded sound that benefited vastly from the elevated bass signature. I wouldn’t snarl this headset was bass-heavy, but evaluating it to the GSP 670s, shall we embrace, the bass was definitely extra prominent within the 300s. So thumbs up for bass lovers. The highs gave the impact quite prominent at the same time as listening to music, whereas the mids sounded a small muddy and washed out. That being acknowledged, my overall impact of the sound efficiency was a obvious one when it got here to music.

I determined to extinguish no extra time and jump straight into my mosey-to sport when it comes to checking out gaming peripherals – Counter-Strike: World Offensive. I fired up some deathmatch to obtain warmed up and the major element I spotted was the readability. When evaluating the GSP 300 to other within the same style priced choices, I felt the GSP 300 definitely edged it by advance of audio high-quality. The bass sounded prominent, making grenades and sniper pictures sound boomy and practical. The highs had been also precise enough to allow me to listen to enemy gunfire and footsteps from a ways away. The mids had been, again, quite washed out, but from a competitive standpoint, that doesn’t in fact build a obedient deal of difference for me individually.

The spatial awareness of this headset was dazzling damn honest too. I would possibly maybe perchance additionally easily pinpoint the enemy’s areas from a ways away and had the capability to listen to smokes and grenades from the opposite facet of the design. I went on to play a bunch of different titles including A long way Bawl 5, COD: Unique War, and Crimson Dreary 2, all of which sounded tremendous for presumably the most half. It could perchance probably maybe presumably had been tremendous to listen to a small extra readability within the mids, but, at this label fluctuate, what build we in fact demand?

Evaluating these to some within the same style priced choices – the HyperX Cloud II and Steelseries Arctis 5  – you’d must claim that the Sennheisers in fact build give them a dash for his or her money. So a ways as sound efficiency goes, I’d be willing to claim the Sennheisers honest edge it.


Transferring onto the microphone, adore the opposite GSP objects, the 300s supply a in fact environment pleasant microphone, to claim the least.

It equipped a clear recording of my affirm that I felt was extraordinarily effectively detailed. It sounded tremendous for in-sport comms and was equally as impressive when primitive with a phone for conversations. There was a in fact minor allege within the background which was picked up by teammates in Discord. I got here to the conclusion that this was presumably down to the soundcard on my motherboard. Utilizing this with a mixer would now not yield the same results – honest shield that in options.

The microphone affords up some noise cancellation efficiency, having acknowledged that, background noise was aloof quite audible when taking half in games. I don’t need to be too harsh though, on legend of different within the same style priced choices sound frightening when put next.

The swivel-to-calm feature works seamlessly and would possibly maybe perchance additionally presumably be my favourite half of the microphone itself. The volume pickup is on the low-pause, that system I did must manually enhance my microphone in various capabilities. Furthermore, the microphone doesn’t in fact supply any versatility by advance of modifications. It’s extraordinarily stiff and would possibly maybe perchance additionally’t in fact be moved.

Overall, for round $100, here is honest up there with one of many most life like likely microphones you’re likely to search out. It comes with a ton of aspects and amazing recording high-quality. What extra would possibly maybe perchance additionally you ought to have?


That leads us properly onto the aspects half of this review. While the GSP 300 headset doesn’t procedure jam-full of aspects, the ones that it ought to boast are effectively-designed and definitely pork up user-skills. It indubitably feels adore Sennheiser has tried to remember relating to the sound and microphone efficiency over extra aspects on this headset. For me, that’s always a honest price.

Having acknowledged that, let’s rep a closer study about a of the standout aspects this headset comes geared up with.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Multi-platform compatibility isn’t in fact a new feature as a ways as gaming headsets mosey but is something to put off an look out for – particularly ought to you rep into consideration how many headsets in in the present day’s market are tailor-made for PC customers easiest.

The GSP 300 is, in the beginning, a PC gaming headset. Having acknowledged that, thanks to a handy console adapter that comes with this headset, you would possibly maybe perchance well presumably additionally easily swap to yet another tool, including PS4, XBOX One, tablet, phone, or computer computer.

Swivel-To-Mute Microphone

As we’ve honest mentioned, the major feature of the microphone (as opposed to the dazzling recording high-quality) is its swivel-to-calm obtain. While this feature isn’t revolutionary (and also chanced on on every other GSP model I’ve tested) it’s aloof particular person who separates it from the opponents. As an illustration, I would possibly maybe perchance presumably powerful rather have the swivel-to-calm microphone of the GSP 300 over the Arctis 7 microphone which retracts into its housing.

Lightweight Designate

Loads of headsets in in the present day’s market build one of two things. They both procedure geared up with honest obtain high-quality, or they’ve a delicate-weight obtain. Ceaselessly build you look a headset that affords each. That being acknowledged, that’s exactly what we’ve bought here with the GSP 300.

The tremendous element relating to the GSP 300 is how effectively-built they feel. If you accompany that with a sub-300-gram obtain, nonetheless, you in fact commence to cherish the high-quality construction Sennheiser has accomplished on this headset.

Our Verdict

There you’ve it, our comprehensive study the Sennheiser GSP 300 gaming headset. Even though this headset did procedure with about a (very minor) flaws, it’s aloof one of many most life like likely gaming headsets at this label fluctuate – albeit now outdated-usual by the Sennheiser GSP 370.

The GSP 300s are one of presumably the most effectively-rounded headsets within the below $100 label bracket, offering customers an immersive skills that is amazing for music, gaming, and celebrated-employ capabilities. The effectively-engineered lightweight obtain doesn’t put together any stress on the neck or head, even all via the longest of gaming sessions. Letherette is primitive on the earcups and feels chilly and soft around the ears. The fabric helps lock within the sound and affords dazzling honest ambient noise cancellation.

In a roundabout plot, the base line is that this, the Sennheiser GSP 300 would possibly maybe perchance additionally presumably be one of many most life like likely price objects interior the GSP family. If you’re having a watch a headset that affords a obedient gaming skills and would possibly maybe perchance additionally simply be primitive on extra than one platforms – also bringing style, tremendous obtain high-quality, and a bunch of different aspects to the desk – the Sennheiser GSP 300s would possibly maybe perchance additionally presumably be exactly what you’re having a watch.

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