Sony announces PlayStation Plus titles for November

November is almost upon us, which means we are due a new round of free games for PlayStation subscribers. Sony typically announces its monthly PS games at the start of each month, but thanks to various leaks, we already know what games to expect. 

According to Dealabs, in November, PS subscribers will be able to claim Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (PS4), First Class Trouble (PS4 and PS5), Knockout City (PS4 and PS5) as well as The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (PlayStation VR).

With Sony currently celebrating PlayStation VR’s 5th anniversary, there will also be two other PSVR titles joining the PS line-up of freebies in November.

The leakers have not revealed these final two games yet, so there’s still some surprises in store for Sony’s official announcement.

UPDATE: Sony has now officially confirmed November’s PS titles. The final two PS VR games to be included in the bundle are The Persistence and Until You Fall. All of November’s PS titles will be available to subscribers on the 2nd of November. 

KitGuru Says: Sony’s PS monthly games have typically been quite good over the years. What do you think the two mystery games for November will end up being?  

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