Sony has trademarked Sunset Overdrive

Back at the start of the Xbox One/PS4 console generation, Insomniac Games was initially working with Microsoft, developing and releasing the Xbox One exclusive ‘Sunset Overdrive’. Now years later, it looks like the IP could be heading to PlayStation. 

After the success of Spider-Man (PS4) and in light of Microsoft’s studio acquisition spree, Sony finally acquired long-time partner studio, Insomniac Games. Now, Sony has trademarked Sunset Overdrive, indicating that perhaps there are some future plans for this IP.

While Sunset Overdrive was an Xbox One console exclusive, Insomniac Games retained ownership of the IP. With Insomniac now under Sony’s umbrella, Sunset Overdrive is now technically a PlayStation IP.

We don’t know if the original game could ever land on PS4/PS5 as we don’t know the terms of the original exclusivity deal with Microsoft. However, any future instalments, like a Sunset Overdrive 2,  would be PlayStation exclusive.

KitGuru Says: Sony could just be doing its due diligence and ensuring all of its IPs are protected, but it would be interesting to see Insomniac take another shot at Sunset Overdrive. Do you think there will ever be a Sunset Overdrive 2? 

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