Square Enix still in discussion with Microsoft over Xbox release of FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV is the biggest it’s ever been, with recent announcements claiming that the MMO has become the most profitable Final Fantasy game ever. Despite this success, the game has yet to make its way onto Microsoft consoles. Though not much has changed in that respect, the team has confirmed that they are still in talks with the console manufacturer to bring the much-loved game to Xbox.

In a recent interview conducted by Easy Allies, Naoki Yoshida – the producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV – was asked during a press tour promoting the latest Endwalker expansion “is there any update on the status of an Xbox version of Final Fantasy XIV?”

In response, Yoshida claimed that “we are still in discussions with Microsoft, and I feel like our conversations are going in a positive like tone.”

That being said, he did caution those excited by the news, saying “I don’t want to like say that we do not have an Xbox version but I’m hoping that the timing will be very soon that I’ll have some kind of update to the players, and I’m sure there’s a lot of things that people want to ask about on this subject and there’s a lot of things that I would love to share – but I’m afraid I’m unable to divulge on those details.”

While it is unknown what kind of red tape is preventing a Final Fantasy XIV release on Xbox, Yoshida’s statement seems to suggest that the game will eventually find its way to Microsoft’s system. Until then, fans will have to settle for the PC or PlayStation versions. If nothing else, when the game does eventually make its way to Xbox, fans will have a lot of content to play.

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