The Ascent update brings ray tracing to Xbox Game Pass for PC

Earlier this month, it came to light that The Ascent shipped in two different versions on PC, with the Steam version including support for ray-tracing features, while the Xbox Game Pass for PC version lacked them. The developers said at the time that a fix for this was coming and now, it has begun rolling out. 

The Ascent is available to purchase on PC via Steam, but Xbox Game Pass subscribers can also play the game for free through the Microsoft Store. At launch, the Steam version included Nvidia RTX features, like DLSS and Ray-Tracing, but these were greyed out on the Xbox Game Pass version on PC.

Neon Giant, the studio behind the game, has now rolled out an update to fix this issue, as well as make some other improvements to performance. Key bullet points include ray tracing on Windows Store, improved performance with DX12 and ray-tracing, improved NPC loading, and better CPU performance for lower-end PCs.

This patch also tackles co-op crossplay between platforms, so it should now be working as intended.

KitGuru Says: Have many of you tried this since release? What do you think of the game? 

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