The Best 10th Generation Intel Motherboard

If you happen to’re planning to make a unique PC, starting with a solid motherboard is predominant. Here’s one thing you’ll in actuality desire to investigate, especially in the occasion you’re planning to bustle with one of Intel’s unique 10th period processors.

Intel’s 10th period Comet Lake series makes use of the unique LGA 1200 socket meaning you’re going to desire a motherboard that could well give a get rid of to this. Fortunately, there are several assorted alternate choices to win from. The Z490s are the latest boards to realize support out especially for Comet Lake processors. Alternatively, there are moreover other mainstream alternate choices in conjunction with H470, B460, and H410 chipset motherboards moreover on hand.

For this article, we’ll be defending Z490 motherboards. These offer the top likely performance and the latest expertise in conjunction with overclocking and two-design Nvidia SLI give a get rid of to. That makes them the top likely form of motherboard to accommodate in the occasion you’re attempting to pair one with a brand unique Comet Lake processor they every now and then’re going to support you properly for years to realize support.

We’ll moreover be defending one of the valuable valuable key parts to hunt for in the occasion you’re browsing round for a brand unique motherboard to can enable you to to alongside with your search. If that is your first time selecting up a motherboard, you’ll positively desire to pay terminate attention to those parts.

Exclusively 10th Era Intel Motherboard: First Compare

Asus ROG Maximus XII Extreme

Asus ROG Maximus XII Ugly

A motherboard that makes an announcement in each and every make and performance.

The Asus ROG Maximus is dear but gives excessive performance and not likely RGB lights.



Unswerving expandability and solid performance make this a top different.

For a model that doesn’t note a fortune, you’ll salvage gigantic speeds on offer right here as properly as an enticing make.

ASRock Z490 Taichi

ASRock Z490 Taichi

A huge attempting likelihood that offers excessive gaming performance.

The ASRock Z490 Taichi affords a vast differ of ports and a solidly constructed make to make it an out of this world likelihood for 10th-gen CPUs.

Asus TUF Gaming Z490-Plus (Wi-Fi)

Asus TUF Gaming Z490-Plus (Wi-Fi)

A high quality budget likelihood in the occasion you don’t desire to spoil the monetary institution.

This motherboard affords gigantic performance and a vast differ of ports for its low note.

How We Purchase

When it involves selecting parts, we do careful consideration and analysis into the rest we recommend. Picking the top likely products will likely be not easy, particularly when there are such plenty of gigantic alternate choices to win from.

Where that it’s likely you’ll well ponder, we deserve to salvage our hands on the products ourselves to take a look at out thoroughly. When this isn’t that it’s likely you’ll well ponder, we ensure you habits in-depth analysis round product specs, customer reviews, and benchmarks. Exclusively after this are we assured in selecting products to recommend. We’d top likely recommend parts we’d indulge in to position in our own PC programs.

We know how great work goes into selecting up a brand unique segment for your machine. The final vow you’re going to own to end is salvage it indecent and dwell up regretting your have. That’s why we do together reviews like this, to can enable you to to make the top likely option with as great recordsdata as that it’s likely you’ll well ponder.

Issues To Get into yarn

What Funds Must I Predicament For a 10th Era Intel Motherboard?

The first vow to be conscious of when procuring a motherboard is obviously the worth. Starting right here is simplest for the reason that budget you own in actuality impacts the comfort of your make. This can moreover pick things resembling how many ports there are and how great memory the motherboard could give a get rid of to.

Settling on a agency budget is a true inaugurate to can enable you to to narrow down your different. For Intel’s 10th period chips, you’ll be attempting at Z490 motherboards in the occasion you’d like the top likely of the top likely. The pricing for these motherboards ranges from round $150 to about $200 for mid-differ boards. Within the occasion you’re attempting to splash out despite the indisputable fact that, the excessive-dwell Z490 motherboards can note upwards of $800. 

For somewhat of reference, budget motherboards could presumably also own restricted RAM slots or top likely give a get rid of to PCIe 3.0 in expose to support costs low. Extra costly devices could presumably also very properly be able to present a get rid of to PCIe 4.0 on the opposite hand and also can own extra expandability or RGB lights.

Hold Part

Earlier than attempting on the more technical parts, it’s crucial to first be conscious of the dimensions of the motherboard and the case you’ll be installing it in. Within the occasion you already own a case, then you’ll deserve to ponder what make vow motherboard it supports.

Motherboard form factor

Smaller motherboards will dwell up missing about a parts but they are gigantic for those attempting to make a shrimp PC. eATX boards are doubtlessly the top likely in the occasion you’re attempting to construct a distinguished and impressive machine. Alternatively, they are a truly distinguished on hand, so own that in mind.

There are about a assorted forms of make vow on hand, that are listed below with their measurements.

  • Mini-ITX – 6.7” x 6.7”
  • Mini-ATX – 5.9” x 5.9”
  • microATX – 9.6” x 9.6”
  • ATX – 12” x 9.6”
  • eATX – 12” x 13”


Motherboards each and every own a particular socket form which is what holds your processor. Naturally, you’re going to deserve to match the socket of your motherboard to the form of processor you’re going to be the use of.

With Intel 10th period CPUs, we would be attempting at motherboards that give a get rid of to LGA 1200 sockets. Within the occasion you are trying at AMD processors, you’re going to deserve to search at assorted socket types so make determined you’re enlighten on your processor different earlier than you exhaust a motherboard.


But one more vow to be conscious of is the chipset of the motherboard. The form of chipset your motherboard has determines several things resembling the different of SATA ports and PCIe lanes on hand. This also can pick the period of USB slots. Ideally, it’s likely you’ll well be conscious of the chipset and different of ports you own to ensure there’s quite a lot of alternate choices for expandability in due direction.

Fan Headers

Cooling is predominant in any PC make so it’s steadily one thing to be conscious of everytime you enhance your make. You are going to deserve to ensure your motherboard has a unfold of fan headers to support things cool.

PWM headers are historic to join fans to your case which keeps your entire make cool. Most motherboards on the second will own quite a lot of fan headers, but it no doubt’s steadily worth checking whether or not there are ample earlier than you got.


But one more predominant vow to search at is the amount of maximum memory the motherboard could give a get rid of to. A lot of things to be conscious of comprise the price of the memory supported and the extent of multi-channel give a get rid of to. Within the occasion you’re going to be the use of this as a gaming PC, that is a truly crucial step. 

It is some distance potential so that you just can to salvage out what memory each and every motherboard supports on the manufacturer’s online net page earlier than you got.

PCI Slots

The different of PCI slots is on the entire sure by the worth of the motherboard. Within the occasion you’re in doubt what to hunt for, it’s a true suggestion to use some time realizing how many PCI slots you wish. These slots will likely be historic for things like graphics playing cards, sound playing cards, WiFi playing cards, and additional USB slots.

It’s a true suggestion to own some spare in the occasion you’re going to own to make upgrades in due direction but moreover to support some true spacing between parts. Let’s remember, in the occasion you’re attempting to put in just a few graphics playing cards, you’re going to deserve to belief out how your motherboard will give a get rid of to them and how you’re going to arrange them to your case.

The Exclusively 10th Era Intel Motherboard

Asus ROG Maximus XII Ugly

On the dwell dwell of the Z490 motherboard, series is the ASUS ROG Maximus XII Ugly. Here’s a motherboard that makes an announcement with its make, its cooling machine as properly as its test-watering note.

It’s a motherboard that looks gigantic with strips of RGB lights for the duration of the board and the RGB ROG test note as properly. It’s not appropriate a beautiful face despite the indisputable fact that. This motherboard is able to pumping out not likely gaming performance with overclocking give a get rid of to.

When it comes to slots, there are steel-supported memory slots, two PCIe x16 sockets, eight SATA ports, and 4 M.2 connectors. Furthermore incorporated are eight USB 3.2 ports and two Kind-C connectors with a vast-like a flash USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 port moreover.

Asus has taken cooling pretty seriously right here. There are a ambitious 12 fan headers and six connectors for water-cooling. There are moreover eight temperature measurement parts and a jumper to present a get rid of to a Liquid Nitrogen mode – so that you just’ll never own to fear about overheating.

Onto the downsides. The well-known one is the worth. Available for round $850, that will not be your day after day motherboard. It’s moreover worth noting that there’s no PCIe 4.0 give a get rid of to to focus on of, which at this note is somewhat disappointing.


The MSI MEG Z490 ACE model is a big attempting motherboard that falls pretty well into a mid-differ budget. Fair appropriate like the opposite motherboards on our checklist at this time, this model affords a huge level of expandability. You’ll salvage four DDR4 memory slots, three PCI-E x16 sockets, and dual-GPU give a get rid of to. There are moreover three M.2 connectors, each and every with their own heatsinks, which is a welcome addition.

When it involves running speeds, most reviews available do this model as a huge performer when it comes to application poke, but it no doubt doesn’t rating the top likely for gaming poke. Alternatively, you’ll assign somewhat of money with the MSI board (or a quantity of money in the occasion you’re attempting on the Asus ROG Maximus XII Ugly likelihood!), which makes it a beautiful appealing model.

To this point as the looks tear, the MSI MEG Z490 ACE is a beautiful tremendous attempting motherboard that doesn’t tear overboard with its looks. There’s some RGB lights, brushed metal heatsink shields, and gold-colored highlights for the duration of. Obviously, you’re not going to survey all of this while you own the entire lot plugged in, but it no doubt’s a capable contact on the opposite hand.

ASRock Z490 Taichi

The ASRock Z490 Taichi is a restful-attempting motherboard with an test-catching make. The heatsink has a engaging steampunk-inspired search and RGB LEDs are incorporated in the occasion you love somewhat of color in their PC make.

Essentially the most valuable characteristic excluding the looks is the give a get rid of to for PCIe 4.0. Here’s computer screen in the two PCIe x16 slots and one M.2 connector. This makes it a huge likelihood in the occasion you desire to get rid of poke in their PC and affords a get rid of to sooner storage and graphics playing cards.

The differ of ports on offer is a big amount. The Taichi has eight SATA ports and five USB connectors, in conjunction with the vast-like a flash USB 3.1 Gen 2×2 Kind C port.

The design back is that this motherboard is highly dear. This can enlighten you support nearly round $400 so it’s top likely in actuality for the correct fans and folk with money to spare. But one more vow that reviewers own renowned is that the application performance is highly underwhelming, that will likely be one thing to be conscious of. Alternatively, if gaming poke is your main place of residing, this motherboard will tear well with you properly.

Asus TUF Gaming Z490-Plus (Wi-Fi)

Within the occasion you don’t desire to use a fortune on your motherboard but restful desire to seize the entire simplest parts that the Z490 chipset has to offer, the ASUS TUF Gaming Z490-Plus (Wi-Fi) could presumably also appropriate be the likelihood for you. At the moment retailing at round $200-$230, it’s likely you’ll well exhaust up a beautiful impressive board to dwelling your 10th period Intel CPU.

This motherboard has a huge level of make quality and it’s pretty exhausting to survey how they’ve saved the costs down. There are super heatsinks as properly as a plentiful amount of fan headers to can enable you to to retain things cool. Some of us will likely be somewhat lengthen by the yellow highlights on the board, but they aren’t overused.

For a budget motherboard, this ASUS model in actuality shines when it comes to its performance and connectivity. You’ll without vow be able to salvage the most out of your processor with the 12 2 Dr MOS Energy Stage which is ideal for those that revel in somewhat of overclocking.

You’ll moreover salvage a vast differ of USB ports, in conjunction with a Thunderbolt 3 header on the motherboard as properly as WiFi 6 and Intel I219-V Gigabit Ethernet taking care of your networking.

Rounding Up

So, these are the exhaust of the latest Intel 10th period motherboards. Let’s recap their explicit strengths…

Within the occasion that it’s good to like the top likely of the top likely, then the Asus ROG Maximus is a big funding.

For those browsing for a huge-attempting motherboard that offers gigantic parts, the MSI MEG model will likely be a true different.

If poke is your main place of residing, the ASRock Taichi motherboard affords PCIe 4.0 give a get rid of to to can enable you to to bustle a sooner gaming machine.

For those browsing on a budget, the ASUS TUF Gaming Z490-Plus (Wi-Fi) has an out of this world combine of parts for the worth.

Obviously, this roundup doesn’t comprise the entire Intel motherboards available. Some didn’t fairly make the gash but if none of the above sound appropriate for you, we’ve got some tremendous mentions.

Closing Note

We hope this recordsdata has helped you salvage the top likely motherboard for you. How did you love our choices? Live you factor in there’s another model that ought to own made the gash? Allow us to know in the comments part down below.

Within the occasion that it’s good to deserve to focus on more about motherboards, why not head over to our Crew Hub. Within the duration in-between, retain checking support at WePC for the latest expertise and gaming recordsdata.

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