The Best B550 Motherboards

Disclaimer: There are a total lot of inventory concerns genuine now for the unusual B550 motherboards, so whereas that is a roundup of our simplest picks, they may per chance no longer all be available genuine now. That you just may per chance spend the hyperlink below to ogle for all available B550 motherboards available to rob genuine now. We are able to be continuously updating this web page when we receive more – so preserve checking support!

Handiest B550 Motherboards

Can net to you are planning on constructing a peculiar diagram for the appearance of AMD’s subsequent generation of processors, you’re going to desire to originate with a stable unhealthy. While it used to be before every thing announced that AMD wouldn’t be supporting Zen 3 on its 4000-sequence of motherboards, this has since been changed to allow strengthen via a beta BIOS version.

Can net to you’ll savor to steer certain of any concerns, procuring a peculiar B550 motherboard is rarely any doubt the finest bet, especially given about a of the enhancements they’ve over their predecessors. But where attain you originate? With the motherboard being this kind of very crucial segment of the diagram and recordsdata on B550 motherboards easy being pretty light, we’re going to place an train to at what seem to be the finest alternatives for the prolonged escape.

We’ll furthermore resolve a place an train to via about a of the most crucial issues to search in a motherboard. Even will net to you’re no longer wanting for a B550 motherboard, or even a board for an AMD processor, these are easy particulars to place in mind.

Handiest B550 Motherboards: First Gape



An impressively worthy motherboard with wide RGB lighting.

Can net to you’re taking a look a sturdy gaming motherboard, the MSI MPG is ideal when it comes to energy and the cooling diagram which is ready to support you attain a stable overclock.



A cyberpunk-inspired gaming motherboard with PCIe 4.0 strengthen.

This ROG Strix motherboard comes with a total lot of handy utilities to optimize every ingredient of your board.

ASRock B550 Taichi

ASRock B550 Taichi

A stylish gloomy and gold motherboard with a total lot of impressive facets.

Can net to you’re taking a look a motherboard to compare a theme, the ASRock B550 Taichi is an ideal option that has the final ports you’ll ever need.

Gigabyte B550 AORUS MASTER

Gigabyte B550 AORUS MASTER

A top rate option with a total lot of room to expand in the prolonged escape.

AORUS products net repeatedly been fan favorites and it’s no longer laborious to place an train to why. This motherboard builds on past successes by giving customers qualified amounts of efficiency and upgradability.

How We Gather

It doesn’t subject what kind of factor we’re taking a place an train to at for these guides, we place the identical amount of careful consideration and be taught into every thing we attain. Deciding on these products may per chance perhaps also be sophisticated, especially will net to you are going to want to determine what precisely makes them the ‘simplest’.

While we couldn’t test these B550 motherboards for my fraction this time around, we did be sure that to read as essential recordsdata as we may per chance perhaps about them to safe the finest indication of how they’re going to safe. Typically, this eager discovering out as many opinions as attainable as neatly as poring via the product pages to place an train to precisely what they give.

We know genuine how sophisticated it’s a ways selecting up a peculiar product, especially will net to you are going to want to realize pretty about a be taught beforehand. Excellent after we’ve passed via the final recordsdata we’ve chanced on will we be assured in striking it in a straightforward to heed recordsdata for our readers. We purpose to accumulate our guides as informative as attainable and would never counsel one thing that we wouldn’t encompass in a single in all our comprise builds.

Issues To Gather into yarn

What Funds Can net to easy I Inform For A B550 Motherboard?

How essential a motherboard charges can truly influence the budget you will have final for the the rest of your manufacture. While it’s repeatedly crucial to store with a firm budget in mind, you’ll desire to purpose for a runt bit of room for future-proofing if attainable.

There has been pretty of distress referring to the pricing of B550 motherboards in the leadup to their delivery, especially with some alternatives seemingly costing more than X570 motherboards.

At show mask, it appears to be like savor you’ll be in a neighborhood to preserve up a B550 motherboard for around $120-280. A number of of the principle facets that may per chance net an discontinue on the cost of a motherboard in most cases encompass the safe factor, the chipset, the stage of overclocking you may per chance perhaps also attain, and how essential you may per chance perhaps also expand. To illustrate, budget motherboards may per chance perhaps simplest supply two RAM slots whereas a top rate model would supply about a more.

This is perfect whenever you occur to desire to escape a high-specification machine, nonetheless if what your plans for the procedure in which ahead for your manufacture are, you may per chance perhaps keep a genuine chunk of money here.

Originate Component

When speaking about motherboards, one in all the greatest issues to place in mind is the size of the case you are striking it in. Reckoning on whether you will have already bought your case, you’ll desire to resolve a place an train to at what safe factor motherboard it supports.

There are about a different kinds of safe elements available for motherboards, starting from eATX the final procedure down to Mini-ITX. Can net to you’ll savor specifics, we’ve listed the measurements of the most standard safe elements below.

  • Mini-ITX – 6.7” x 6.7”
  • Mini-ATX – 5.9” x 5.9”
  • microATX – 9.6” x 9.6”
  • ATX – 12” x 9.6”
  • eATX – 12” x 13”

A smaller board customarily sacrifices about a facets to diminish down on dimension, nonetheless they’re more straightforward to make spend of for those taking a place an train to to safe small PC builds. Can net to you’ll savor the finest of the finest, an eATX board is perfect for those taking a place an train to to safe impressive programs, despite the true fact that it’s the greatest option.


Each motherboard that you build an train to at is furthermore going to net a particular socket kind, that is the physical slot on the motherboard which holds your CPU. It’s crucial to endure in mind that you are going to want to compare the socket of the motherboard to the model of processor you are going to be using otherwise they received’t work.

We’re simplest taking a place an train to at AM4 sockets in as of late’s list which will be horny for AMD processors simplest. Can net to you’re taking a place an train to to incorporate an Intel processor in your manufacture, you’ll must search motherboards that sport the LGA 1151 socket kind instead. To confuse issues pretty extra, will net to you’re taking a place an train to at 10th generation Intel CPUs, you’ll must search a motherboard with an LGA1200 socket.


One more crucial factor to place in mind when wanting for a peculiar motherboard is the kind of chipset it makes spend of. The kind of chipset that your motherboard has will resolve the most crucial facets that your motherboard can provide.

This ranges from the amount of PCIe lanes available, SATA ports, and even the generation of USB slots. With technology advancing faster than ever, you’re going to desire to substantiate that that the motherboard you private has some respiratory room for the prolonged escape, as neatly as a total lot of alternatives for expandability.

Fan Headers

To retain your diagram working as wintry as attainable, you’re going to desire to substantiate that your motherboard has a extensive range of fan headers to cope. These PWM headers are frail to join the fans in your case to the motherboard.

While most motherboards in the in the meantime will net ample fan headers to take care of your hardware, it’s a truly crucial factor you’ll desire to double-take a look at on earlier than you accumulate your bewitch.


When taking a place an train to at memory, you’ll must listen to the most amount of memory each motherboard supports, the escape of the memory, and the stage of multi-channel strengthen.

Each manufacturer’s site will convey you precisely what the motherboard supports as neatly as a list of specs for speedily reference. It will be a must-net when planning out a manufacture.

PCI Slots

Reckoning on how essential you utilize for your motherboard will dictate how many slots you are going to want to retain your parts. Regarded as one of many principle issues to resolve a place an train to at and figure out, first of all, is how many PCI slots you’ll require. These slots will indicate you may per chance perhaps also join issues reminiscent of graphics playing cards, Wi-Fi playing cards, sound playing cards, and extra USB slots to your diagram.

No longer simplest will you’d like a pair of those spare, nonetheless you’ll furthermore desire to substantiate that that there’s ample spacing between them will net to you propose on placing in two substantial parts subsequent to at least one but any other. A really perfect example of this may per chance perhaps be will net to you are going to net to escape with a pair of graphics playing cards. It’s no doubt worth the time to predicament out precisely what you are going to net to incorporate and can net to you will have the build on the motherboard to facilitate it.

The Handiest B550 Motherboards


Love form and RGB lighting aren’t genuine for graphics playing cards in the in the meantime. Motherboards reminiscent of MSI’s lineup are constructed with a flashy form in mind. The MSI MPG B550 motherboard is rarely any exception. The MPG sequence permits avid gamers to totally personalize their motherboard, with a pair of makes spend of of RGB lighting on the board. This motherboard will place an train to unbelievable in any certain-sided case.

This isn’t genuine a blinding face despite the true fact that. The MPG B550 has a formidable 12 2 1 segment energy form, which facets 12 digital energy phases, dual energy connectors, and uncommon Core Boot technology.

This motherboard has a formidable cooling diagram onboard including an aluminum duvet, M.2 Defend Frozr technology, and total fan alter.

It is attainable for you to to alter every thing with the support of MSI’s wide Dragon Heart tool. Dragon Heart is a suite of MSI utilities in a single utility. From here, you may per chance perhaps also alter the final RGB lighting, the fans, the OC atmosphere, and even situation up one-click user scenarios settings.

MSI has equipped this motherboard with a genuine host of connectivity alternatives including improved 2.5 Gbps LAN networking capabilities, USB ports, and enhanced audio – dazzling essential every thing you’d like for a up-to-the-minute gaming PC.


Tying for the lead on bright form, ASUS over but as soon as more goes head to stagger alongside with MSI. ASUS’ ROG Strix sequence has repeatedly had some relaxing and horny form, in particular with its graphics playing cards. We search for the identical weird branding here on this B550-E motherboard. We are able to search for the dauntless ROG peek logo and a futuristic “cyberpunk-inspired” horny.

This motherboard facets the most up-to-date PCIe 4.0 via one in all the two M.2 slots on the board. This is designed to net the finest storage flexibility and recordsdata speeds. The ROG Strix is designed with third generation AMD Ryzen CPUs so it’s the most effective match if that’s your CPU of replacement.

The cooling diagram facets ASUS’ ProCool energy connector, a CPU fan header, and an AIO pump fan header. The motherboard is furthermore saved wintry with a 6 layer PCB which helps to dissipate heat snappy around the VRM to present you with a more stable overclock.

Additionally integrated is a bunch of ROG-uncommon tool that may per chance lift wide gaming and audio enhancements. These encompass the ASUS’ 5-Manner Optimization utility which you may per chance perhaps also spend for overclocking amongst other issues. The RAMCache III is impressive since it’s going to net to boost sport-load cases – one thing we can all net the benefit of.

ASRock B550 Taichi

The first thing to mention referring to the ASRock B550 Taichi motherboard is genuine how impressive it appears to be like. This gloomy and gold motherboard truly doesn’t retain support in the place an train to department. There are interesting angles all the procedure via and barely any of the motherboard is visible as a result of the amount of brushed gold shieldings frail. There are furthermore facets of RGB on the motherboard that may per chance perhaps also be customized using ASRock’s Polychrome Sync tool.

By Wi-Fi, this ASRock motherboard comes equipped with the most up-to-date Intel Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax adapter that enables for working speeds of up to 2.4 Gbps as neatly because the skill to make spend of each 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands simultaneously. For wired connections, the Intel 2.5G ethernet configuration is integrated to allow better throughput efficiency and a bigger network ride.

For connectivity, there are eight SATA3 ports, one PCIe Gen 4 x4, one PCIe Gen 3 x4 & SATA3 as neatly as three USB 3.2 Gen2 and eight USB 3.2 Gen1 which consist of four on the front and four at the rear.

Gigabyte B550 AORUS MASTER

Gigabyte’s top rate offering this time around is the impressive-taking a place an train to B550 AORUS MASTER. As with the replacement motherboards on this list, it’s a ways a high-discontinue offering that targets to present avid gamers the very finest ranges of efficiency as attainable.

This board comes in a gloomy and brushed steel form with interesting angles all the procedure via. The AORUS logo is without train visible all the procedure via and there may per chance be furthermore an ingredient of RGB that may per chance perhaps also be customized in a total lot of replacement ways. The RGB Fusion tool lets you toggle from static, pulse, flash profiles as neatly as many more. There are furthermore three RGB LED and two Digital Addressable LED light strip strengthen ports on the board to present you with even more customization alternatives.

For wide future-proofing, you’ll net entry to 2.5 GbE LAN onboard as neatly as three NVMe PCIe 4.0/3.0 slots, three PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots and four DDR4 DIMM memory sockets that strengthen up to 128 GB. There is strengthen for DDR4 XMP up to 5400 MHz on this board as neatly as a Q-Flash Plus Update BIOS button.

Rounding Up

Now that we’ve passed via what appears to be like savor about a of the finest B550 motherboard alternatives available, we notion it would be a genuine suggestion to present you with a small roundup of what we’ve chanced on. We’ll doubtless receive out more recordsdata on these motherboards in the approaching weeks, nonetheless for now, here’s a speedily place an train to at each motherboard.

Can net to you’re taking a look a sturdy board you may per chance perhaps also situation user profiles one, the MSI MPG B550 board makes an limitless replacement.

Gamers and genuine form-fans will savor the ASUS ROG Strix which comes with a bunch of impressive tool.

Can net to you’re taking a look a stylish motherboard and savor pretty of gold in your manufacture, the ASRock B550 Taichi is an ideal preserve.

With a total lot of expandability and ports to make a option from, the Gigabyte B550 AORUS MASTER is a stable replacement for those taking a place an train to to manufacture a chief-discontinue diagram.

We’ve basically checked out about a of the more flagship B550 devices in our list as of late as they’re going to supply the finest amount of efficiency and upgradability for PC builders. If none of those took your look after, why no longer place an train to at about a of the replacement B550 devices available in our neatly-behaved mentions list below.

Closing Be aware

Now that we’ve procedure to the discontinue of our list as of late, genuine how neatly did we attain? We’re obvious to safe more info about these motherboards as they turn out to be more available, nonetheless for now, allow us to perceive which one you watched deserves a build in your PC.

Are desirous to talk extra? Why no longer head over to our Neighborhood Hub to resolve up with all of your fellow readers. Till subsequent time, be sure to retain checking support for the final most up-to-date gaming and technology news.

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