The Best Controller For PC

While most dad and mom that game on PC will no question be the usage of a keyboard and mouse, there’s consistently a pair of games that fair play better with a controller. Whenever you occur to haven’t yet picked up a controller for your PC and are wondering which is the finest probability, you’re in great fortune. 

This day, we’ll be taking a have confidence at five of the finest controllers for PC you shall be ready to retract up nowadays. Each and every of these can hang diversified designs, button layouts, and even some extra solutions along the formulation. It must always also also be advanced wading by diagram of the total marketing talk while taking a have confidence for a brand unusual controller which is why we’ve chosen to originate this useful recordsdata.

This recordsdata will act as the categorical predicament to begin when you occur to’re taking a have confidence for a brand unusual controller to use on your gaming PC. Retain studying to search out out all it’s miles crucial to know regarding the finest controller solutions currently on hand fair now.

We’ve grabbed a pair of the vital solutions available within the market nowadays as well to a pair which are geared in the direction of diversified kinds of gamer. One in all the mountainous selections that can resolve which controller fits you finest is when you occur to’re more frail to a used Xbox or PlayStation thumbstick layout – we’ve made certain so that you just might perchance add solutions for both.

First Stare: Handiest Controller For PC

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Xbox Elite Wi-fi Controller Series 2

One in all essentially the most knowledgeable taking a have confidence and without deliver customizable controllers you shall be ready to retract up for the time being.

While this controller comes with a obliging sufficient brand, you’ll without deliver be ready to search out the place aside you’ve spent you money whenever you delivery the usage of, and customizing, this controller to suit your needs.

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3

While it’s miles let down fair a little by its build quality and instrument, that is unexcited a colossal controller with a tight stage of customization.

The asymmetric thumbstick fabricate and mode switch button form this one of essentially the most functional feeling controllers on the checklist. You’ll even be ready to alternate the burden of the controller when you occur to search out it to be fair a little too light.

Razer Raiju Ultimate

Razer Raiju Final

This controller looks fancy it might perchance perhaps most likely perchance live to reveal the tale a nuclear blast. You’ll hang no worries about dropping or banging this controller about.

Besides its boxy, sturdy looks, the Razer Raiju Final is an incredible little controller that has a top price feel as well to a pair of in actuality colossal solutions equivalent to a devoted settings bar.

DualShock 4

DualShock 4

An all-time traditional controller that can form you feel fair at home.

Whenever you occur to don’t would favor to rock the boat and easily prefer a colossal walk and play controller, the DualShock 4 is sturdy, legitimate and doesn’t fracture the monetary institution.

Scuf Vantage 2

Scuf Vantage 2

Even though the price of customization can delivery as a lot as rise quickly, the amount of adjustments you shall be ready to form to this controller guarantees that this might perchance feel distinctive and predicament colossal for future years.

The Scuf series of controllers are colossal for of us that would favor to customise their equipment. They aren’t fair flashy though, these colossal solutions will in actuality provide you with the brink while gaming and form you shock why you didn’t give a boost to earlier.

How We Pick

It doesn’t in actuality matter what form of product you’re taking a have confidence for, we comprehend it might perchance perhaps most likely perchance also also be advanced discovering the categorical probability for your self. 

It generally takes hours and hours of learn and staring at opinions, and even then it’s unexcited a now not easy assignment to grab what you fancy to must always employ you money on. We discontinuance all this so that you just don’t must always, by taking the time to hang an in-depth see at each and every of the products we advocate and even testing them ourselves if that you just shall be ready to imagine. 

Whenever you occur to aren’t very tech-savvy and would favor to defend some distance flung from purchasing the contaminated element, see no extra. Whether or now not or now not this controller is for your self or even a gift for a cherished one, studying this recordsdata will enable you to form the fair resolution. 

We see at the finest solutions available within the market and battle by diagram of them for my section. We make certain that to grab an incredible resolution which are only for diversified gamers and diversified budgets.

How We Take a look at

To support us grasp a list of products to advocate to our customers we now must always discontinuance some thorough learn and testing beforehand. It wouldn’t be fair of us to head about recommending any usual product for the sake of it. 

We see at a probability of issues to confirm that that these products can stay as a lot as the title of being the ‘finest’ of their condominium. Within the case of controllers, a pair of of the issues we see at consist of the price of the controller, the build quality, the styling, and any colossal gaming solutions. 

This permits us to hang the peace of mind that the guides are both lawful and informative. This, in flip, lets you come to a call on which steal is solely for you so that you just shall be ready to hurry away with some colossal cost for you money.

Things To Hang in mind

What Budget Must unexcited I Location For A Controller For PC?

For loads of of us, we don’t hang a bottomless pockets we are in a position to use to form our steal. So, this makes it in particular crucial to take into account carefully when surroundings a budget for your controller. 

It’s a correct conception to hang a list of wanted solutions you fancy to hang your controller to hang and then delivery taking a have confidence from there. Then, something else extra will simply be a optimistic bonus and also you shall be ready to weigh up if the addition of a customised faceplate is price the extra money.

Even when you occur to’ll be ready to retract up these kinds of controllers for a used ticket of $40-50, when you occur to begin as a lot as transfer into the predicament of specialised controllers with extra buttons and flashy designs, you shall be ready to search recordsdata from of to pay a top price.

Whenever you occur to fancy to hang a controller with a pair of extra solutions equivalent to customizable paddles or distinctive designs, you shall be taking a have confidence within the fluctuate of $120-180 for the privilege.


One more crucial element to take into accout is how now not easy these controllers are to place of dwelling up. While some controllers equivalent to the Xbox One controller will simply work out of the field, you might perchance must always discontinuance fair a little of tinkering when it involves more in actuality great controllers. 

It’ll hang placing in extra instrument and even altering settings and key binds manually. Whenever you occur to’re purchasing this controller for somebody who isn’t very tech-savvy, that is also something you fancy to must always be aware of. 

Even though solutions fancy these are a important promoting level of these controllers, you’ll must always grasp when you occur to fancy to hang the extra layer of setup prior to you play a game for the first time.

Develop Quality

Each and every of these controllers can hang a actually diversified feel to them. You’ll would favor to take into accout which is the finest form of controller for you prior to you form your steal. Whenever you occur to’re frail to enjoying on Xbox, you would also prefer one with a identical thumbstick layout – the same goes when you occur to’re frail to enjoying on PlayStation. 

Most of these controllers will most likely be diversified shapes, weights and even hang extra buttons. You’ll would favor to take into accout how heavy and uncomplicated to desire these controllers are if you’ll be enjoying for long sessions of time. 

You’ll additionally be ready to search out controllers which hang diversified designs and faceplates. While these will add nothing to the technique of the usage of the controller, they are going to surely form them stand out!

Controller Structure

While these kinds of controllers will feel fancy a 1:1 substitute for the controller you are frail to the usage of on your console, these kinds of solutions can hang extra buttons, triggers and programmable paddles that you just shall be ready to customise. Right here is something that you just’ll critically would favor to see into when you occur to’re going to be basically gaming on PC as you’ll likely must always design extra buttons. 

You’ll additionally would favor to confirm that that the instrument these controllers come with is easy to use and might perchance build what you fancy to hang. Whenever you occur to fancy to must always fully remap your controller’s buttons and triggers for a probability of diversified games you rep, it’s price testing if that is doable to defend some distance flung from disappointment.

The Handiest Controller For PC

Xbox Elite Wi-fi Controller Series 2

First on our checklist is perhaps our approved gaming controller for PC. Offering nearly an never-ending stage of customizability, the Xbox Elite Wi-fi controller lets you alternate bindings, the D-pads, and even paddles on the waddle along with the circulation. You’ll additionally be ready to place of dwelling the strain on your thumbstick as well to alternate them out when you occur to don’t fancy the model. 

Right here’s a actually well built controller too and also you’d hope so pondering its ticket! Retailing at spherical $180, you’ll prefer this controller to final you for loads of future years. We don’t think there’s any hazard of that now not occurring though. To support defend it protected you’ll gain a carrying case which is good when you occur to’ll be bringing this controller with you on your travels. This additionally homes the place aside of dwelling of 4 paddles, two D-pads, and six thumbsticks, as well to a tool to regulate them. The case additionally acts as a charging dock with its very rep USB-C cable.

The rugged sad and grey fabricate might perchance now not be as ogle-catching as a pair of of the opposite controllers on the checklist but we admire the simplicity of it, in particular when paired with the ‘faceted D-pad’. 

This controller also shall be frail both wirelessly and wired if wished. With a battery that lasts spherical 40 hours, you gained’t rep your self taking a have confidence for the charger that generally.

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3

The Nacon Revolution Pro has a more “boomerang” see when put next to other controllers on this checklist as well to an asymmetric thumbstick layout that can form the total Xbox customers feel fair at home – this even stretches to the fabricate on the D-pad which is one single unit rather than four diversified buttons. 

There are a pair of extra buttons on this controller that you just’ll be ready to form use of during your playtime. The four extra buttons at the rear of the controller are in a fair a little of diversified predicament than a pair of of the opposite controllers on this checklist so it’s price seeing when you occur to’ll be ready to confirm-pilot this form of controllers to search out if it fits you prior to purchasing. 

Whenever you occur to are going to be the usage of this controller on the PS4 as well to the PC, there’s a handy little mode switch button on the rear of the controller that enables you to change between a PC or PS4 mode. In PC mode, you’ll be ready to customise issues equivalent to the sensitivity of the triggers and thumbsticks.

The instrument that this controller needs to use isn’t the finest available within the market and might perchance desire a while to learn to use. There are preset profiles that are on hand but when you occur to fancy to must always delivery tinkering, you’ll must always learn a pair of of the intricacies of the instrument first. 

While this isn’t essentially the most costly controller on our checklist nowadays, it unexcited has a reasonably obliging brand. Even as you’ll unexcited be paying a top price for this controller, the build quality and among the important buttons don’t feel as colossal as they discontinuance in other controllers are this ticket level.

Razer Raiju Final

While this doesn’t see fancy essentially the most fully satisfied controller you might perchance desire, it does see fancy essentially the most sturdy. Weighing in at a hefty 352 grams, that is inclined to discontinuance more damage to the bottom you fall it on than the controller itself.  The blocky fabricate might perchance flip loads of gamers some distance flung from this controller but it surely looks fancy Razer has tried to provide a boost to the fabricate a little bit with the integrated Chroma lighting fixtures.

Aimed in the direction of the esports market, the Razer Raiju has a place aside of dwelling of used DualShock model thumbsticks as well to a place aside of dwelling of paddles on the abet.  You’ll be ready to alternate out the thumbsticks, D-pad and snappy defend watch over panel to form this controller as fully satisfied for you as that you just shall be ready to imagine. There are additionally four multi-functional buttons on the controller that also can also be programmed to whatever you fancy to hang. 

Whenever you occur to fancy to hang a controller that simply feels colossal to use whenever you retract it up, this also can also be now not easy to return to the usage of a used controller after gaming with the Razer Raiju Final. The buttons are tactile and clicky and feel fancy they might perchance well final eternally. The settings row on the bottom of the controller has additionally had fair a little of a redesign turning them into a colossal feature that you just’ll rep your self the usage of more than you’d think.

You furthermore mght can use the profile button to change your keymaps in accurate-time, a button to govern the Chroma lighting fixtures, and there’s even a lock button that disables a obliging section of inputs to quit you urgent the contaminated element in the course of the warmth of the lope.

DualShock 4

Whenever you occur to simply prefer a straightforward ‘no thrills’ answer to gaming with a controller on your PC, the DualShock 4 has to be one of essentially the most acquainted controllers available within the market. Being essentially the most as a lot as date iteration of the conventional DualShock series of controllers, every gamer spherical the sphere can hang held this form of at some level. 

Unfortunately, you gained’t hang worthy within the formulation of customization when it involves this controller. The correct you’ll be ready to discontinuance will most likely be some more or less aftermarket product when you occur to fancy to must always boost the theme or even the feel of the thumbsticks. That’s now to not affirm there’s something else contaminated with the spoiled controller though, the DualShock 4 is colossal to desire and responsive as ever during gaming. 

The ergonomic fabricate formulation you shall be ready to desire this controller for hours on raze and the quality of the buttons, triggers, and thumbsticks are shapely. Whenever you occur to’re shopping this controller as a gift for somebody, be aware that on occasion there will most likely be a pair of compatibility issues when connecting it to the PC for the first time which might perchance desire some tinkering to rep sorted.

Scuf Vantage 2

Whenever you occur to’re after something fair a little diversified, Scuf has a fluctuate of animated controllers that might perchance see colossal in any gaming setup. You furthermore mght can alternate the color, the thumbsticks and even the feel of the grips so we’re certain you’ll rep one which’s only for you.

Regarding the skills of gaming, there’s the welcome boost of the removable paddles on the abet which correspond to the lope buttons on the entrance. These enable gamers to defend their thumbs on the thumbsticks so that they might be able to use the abet paddles for rapid-paced or advanced gaming. This might perchance occasionally be colossal in a first-individual shooter title or an MMO

Scuf controllers additionally hang an moving place aside of dwelling off defend watch over machine which helps you to employ snappy shift place aside of dwelling off stops to minimize unnecessary place aside of dwelling off lope – ideal for shooting titles the place aside precision is crucial. You furthermore mght can regulate the triggers to minimize latency so that you just shall be ready to form weapons fire with one tap or even lengthen the size of the place aside of dwelling off to form them more straightforward to press quickly. 

With digital triggers that minimize response time by producing an rapid click on (worthy fancy a mouse click on), this makes it the final controller for those who admire shooter games.

Rounding Up

That about completes our roundup of the finest PC gaming controllers for nowadays. We’ve tried to incorporate diversified controllers for both diversified gamers and diversified budgets so we hope we’ve talked a pair of few that strike your fancy.

We know our customers are busy of us, that’s why we’ve made certain to incorporate this quick roundup section that can relief provide you with an conception of the place aside each and every of these controllers excels. Whenever you occur to fancy to hang more recordsdata on any of these, simply scroll as a lot as the relevant review. 

Whenever you occur to’re taking a have confidence for a controller that can see colossal on your shelf and on your palms, the Scuf Vantage 2 is the one for you. You furthermore mght can grasp from one of a fluctuate of diversified skins for this controller that can in actuality form it stand out. 

Desire a controller that gained’t fracture the monetary institution? We’d advocate going for the DualShock 4 controller. It’ll be picked up for as little as $45 and is fundamentally a colossal cost fraction. 

Need that extra little bit of customization to design all of your keys? One thing fancy the Xbox Elite Wi-fi Controller Series 2 or the Razer Raiju Final would be a colossal resolution. Whenever you occur to hang the budget for it, we’d advocate going for the Xbox Elite Wi-fi Controller Series 2 for the hardware customization solutions it brings. 

Did none of these desire your fancy? Don’t distress, there are loads of different solutions available within the market which we simply didn’t hang time to duvet nowadays. Whenever you occur to fancy to hang a little bit more resolution, desire a transient see at a pair of of the decisions below in our great mentions checklist. 

Final Note

That finishes up our checklist of the finest controllers for PC nowadays. We hope this recordsdata helped you form up your mind when you occur to had been taking a have confidence for a brand unusual controller and eased fair a little of the stress of getting to form comparisons.

While we surely haven’t lined every controller available within the market, why now not let us know which you have confidence you studied is the finest? Simply leave a commentary below or head on over to our Neighborhood Hub to hang a chat with fellow minded gamers.

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