The Best H470 Motherboards

The appearance of the 10th generation of Intel processors also way a total recent differ of motherboards for PC builders to win from, and because the Comet Lake processors are completely neatly matched with the LGA 1200 socket, there’s a chance it’s seemingly you’ll maybe moreover must win up a total recent motherboard whereas it’s fundamental to must scuttle a 10th generation Intel system.

There are a different of diversified alternatives when it comes to deciding on up a motherboard. Whenever you happen to must must ride all out, a Z490 motherboard will be your easiest bet. Whenever you happen to don’t need all these extra aspects and overclocking, we secure it’s payment your time making an try out both an H410 or H470 motherboard.

On this text, we’ll be conserving the most easy H470 motherboards as neatly as about a of the major stuff you’ll desire to gape at when hunting for a recent motherboard. We’ll even fight thru about a of the extra technical phrases you’ll stare on product pages and what every period of time way, so if that is your first assemble – don’t dismay, we’ve purchased you!

Most productive H470 Motherboard: First Stare

ASRock H470 Steel Legend

ASRock H470 Metallic Myth

A clear design makes this motherboard stand out amongst the opponents.

Salubrious for folk that desire a flashy design, the ASRock motherboard combines mighty efficiency with gargantuan connectivity alternatives.



A gargantuan compact chance for these with smaller PC conditions.

If home is a inform, the ASUS ROG Strix motherboard will match in most builds with out compromising too worthy on aspects.



A formidable motherboard that enables stout have watch over over vitality optimization.

Whereas it’s not the most flashy-having a gape design on right here, ASUS’ easy motherboard packs a sturdy punch.



A no-frills design with a gargantuan cooling system.

With four hybrid fan headers and six temperature sensors, the Gigabyte motherboard is salubrious whereas you love to have your PC ice-frigid.

How We Grab

Picking the most easy hardware to your assemble most incessantly is a refined job. There’s recurrently so worthy different available in the market and as soon as rapidly it’s hard to know what to gape for in a motherboard. That’s why we set up collectively guides love these, to can enable you manufacture the most easy choices with as worthy files as seemingly.

As soon as we win substances, we expend the time to analyze them completely and take a look at them out ourselves under workshop conditions. Our examine also involves product specification examine, buyer evaluations, and evaluating benchmarks. Totally after this are we confident in deciding on particular merchandise to recommend. That’s how we know we’re picking the most easy alternatives and hardware we’d be gratified to stare in our secure PC builds.

Issues To Grab into yarn

What Funds Must I Position For An H470 Motherboard?

When hunting for a recent motherboard, we know that it finally comes down to your price range. Luckily, whereas you’ve decided that you’re going to be running an Intel Comet Lake processor for your upcoming assemble, there are more affordable alternatives available in the market than the Z490 chipset.

Even supposing they are moderately same in mark, H470 and H410 chipset motherboards manufacture for some gargantuan, reasonable alternatives. Out of the motherboards we’ve covered this day, you’ll be having a gape at spending around $200 for a in point of fact-featured model.

On the decrease stop of the dimensions, it’s extra than seemingly to win up an H470 motherboard for around $125 – $170. Of course, this all is reckoning on the set up you shop and the recent availability. It’s continually easiest to love a kindly scout around for the most easy prices sooner than you fight thru with a take.

Contain Dispute

As soon as you’ve established what technical requirements it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe perchance like, it’s necessary to not miss something as easy because the assemble ingredient of your motherboard.

The assemble ingredient refers to the dimensions of the motherboard, which is necessary whereas you’re ever hoping to suit it inside your PC case. Whenever you happen to already like a PC case, you’ll must ascertain what measurement motherboards it’ll make stronger. Whenever you happen to’re short on home, a mini-ITX or mini-ATX could perchance maybe moreover be your completely chance. Nonetheless, whereas you’re hunting for the strongest motherboards, an eATX board is your easiest bet. Suitable be warned that these motherboards are usually worthy bigger.

Motherboard form factor

We’ve listed the diversified assemble factors below with their measurements.

  • Mini-ITX – 6.7” x 6.7”
  • Mini-ATX – 5.9” x 5.9”
  • microATX – 9.6” x 9.6”
  • ATX – 12” x 9.6”
  • eATX – 12” x 13”


The section of the motherboard that holds your processor is believed as the socket. Each motherboard will like diversified sorts of sockets. That way recent motherboards could perchance not be ready to make stronger older CPUs and vice versa.

This model you’ll also must expend a gape at the form of CPU you’ll be using. Whenever you happen to’re upgrading to Intel’s 10th generation processors, you will be in a position to must gape for a motherboard which involves an LGA 1200 socket. This could maybe maybe maybe moreover be entirely diversified whereas you’re having a gape at AMD processors, so it’s continually payment double-checking first.


The chipset for your motherboard will pick what number of USB ports, SATA ports, and PCIe lanes it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe like got readily available in the market. This could maybe maybe maybe moreover pick what generation the USB ports are so it’s necessary to have in thoughts this sooner than hunting for a motherboard.

Ideally, you’ll desire extra ports than it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe perchance like dazzling now so as that you’ve purchased the option for expandability one day. It could maybe perchance maybe maybe moreover very neatly be payment making an try out a extra kindly chipset such because the Z490 chipset whereas you’re planning on upgrading one day.

Fan Headers

Cooling is a precedence in any form of PC assemble to manufacture obvious that that each one the substances are working neatly and not at effort of getting damaged. That way the different of fan headers for your motherboard is a considerable consideration as neatly.

PWM headers on a motherboard are used to glue followers to your case, which keeps the overall assemble frigid. Most motherboards this display day are inclined to love a range of fan headers, namely the bigger assemble ingredient ones but it absolutely’s silent necessary to double-take a look at there’s enough for what it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe like got planned.


One other necessary ingredient to have in thoughts is the most quantity and form of RAM the motherboard can make stronger. Varied motherboards will make stronger diversified speeds and sizes of memory as neatly as multi-channel make stronger.

Whenever you happen to will be using this PC as a gaming system, it’s necessary that the motherboard can make stronger enough RAM to scuttle your games successfully. Right here’s something it’s miles seemingly for you to to establish on the manufacturer’s internet plan sooner than shopping.

Smaller assemble-ingredient motherboards will most incessantly like fewer memory slots which is something you’ll desire to pay close attention to when constructing.

PCI Slots

PCI slots are slots on the motherboard which will let you set up a form of hardware substances comparable to graphics playing cards or sound playing cards. Due to the this truth, the different of PCI slots it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe like got readily available in the market is something else to gape out for.

It could maybe perchance maybe maybe moreover very neatly be a kindly idea to list out the diversified substances you’ll desire to glue to your motherboard. Nonetheless, it’s seemingly you’ll maybe desire to head for a motherboard that has extra PCI slots correct to present you some extra home for your PC case and the system to upgrade one day.

The Most productive H470 Motherboard

ASRock H470 Metallic Myth

The ASRock H470 Metallic Myth with out a doubt sticks to its title with this motherboard. Whenever you happen to must like a motherboard with a design that can whisper a tiny little bit of existence to your system, the metallic and arctic camouflage design of the H470 Metallic Myth is refreshing, to narrate the least. You’ll also obtain a neatly-behaved little bit of RGB lights that can even be managed with ASRock’s Polychrome Sync as neatly as four RGB headers for you to scuttle your secure lights strips.

For a board of this mark, it’s also impressive that ASRock has integrated two M.2 slots that it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe perchance trudge your NVME SSDs into. These two Ultra M.2 sockets make stronger SATA3 6 GB/s and PCIe Gen3 x4 modes to enable for files transfer speeds of up to 32 GB/s.

With the Noxious Frequency Enhance characteristic (BFB) you’ll be ready to acquire admission to about a of the locked away attainable of your non-overclockable CPUs. Whereas it isn’t technically overclocking whereas you’re running a non-Okay Intel 10th generation CPU it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe perchance enhance the frequency of your processor to win a tiny little bit of extra efficiency.


Whenever you happen to’re hunting for a motherboard to suit inside a compact case, a Mini ITX board is the precise solution. It isn’t as little as a Mini-ATX motherboard, but you’ll be ready to win about a extra aspects at the mark of home.

With compact builds being moderately cramped, to launch with, there isn’t hundreds to the design of this motherboard. This isn’t the worst ingredient in the realm because it’s seemingly you’ll maybe not even seek if it’s in a cramped case. Right here’s a moderately typical all-sad motherboard with a brushed-metallic lift out on the heatshields.

You’ll accept a good array of ports on this motherboard alongside with two M.2 sockets, four SATA 6 Gb/s, and two DDR4 2933/2800/2666/2133 memory slots. There are also six USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports on the rear of the motherboard as neatly as a single USB 2.0 port (Kind C). Every part else on the board in all equity typical and likewise you won’t be sacrificing too worthy in the kind of connectivity for the smaller assemble ingredient.

For networking connectivity, you’ll accept onboard WiFi 6 (802.11ax) as neatly as Intel I219-V 1Gb Ethernet to present you the most easy speeds.


Next on our list of ATX motherboards is the ASUS Top H470-PLUS. Right here’s a salubrious motherboard for these hunting for a gargantuan different of ports and slots for expandability.

This isn’t the most easy having a gape motherboard on the list though and has a moderately undeniable design. There aren’t any love colors or angled designs to communicate of and the color design is a muted sad and grey model. Whereas that is a tiny little bit of a disgrace for folk that love to love their programs on display, you’ll silent be ready to add a tiny little bit of color thru RGB lights strips whereas you in deciding.

On the dazzling aspect, this motherboard offers Ultrafast connectivity with twin M.2, 1 Gb Ethernet, Thunderbolt 3 make stronger, and USB 3.2 Gen 2 Kind C ports. The cooling system onboard is impressive and consists of a VRM heatsink, a PCH heatsink, and hybrid fan headers. Fan Xpert 2 helps you to optimize cooling for GPU and CPU-intensive responsibilities.

One other ingredient that this motherboard offers is an enhanced vitality solution. This motherboard is built with 6 1 1 vitality phases, alloy chokes, and sturdy capacitors to manufacture obvious that extra get vitality shipping. No topic the vitality shipping, this motherboard manages to silent be energy atmosphere devoted because of the Vitality Processing Unit which optimizes vitality consumption.


Gigabyte’s H470M motherboard is a Micro ATX board that can swimsuit most PC conditions as a mid-differ assemble ingredient. This motherboard has rather a undeniable and simple design originally stare but there is about a room to add in RGB lights on right here for folk that desire it. You’ll be ready to use Gigabyte’s RGB Fusion 2.0 instrument to love total have watch over over the lights alongside with the color and patterns.

There will be a gargantuan kind out cooling alternatives on this motherboard. You’ll accept six temperature sensors and 4 hybrid fan headers that honest to have your system as frigid as seemingly. Additionally, whereas you’re horrified about noise, the built-in Fan Pause instrument will cease the followers spinning when temperatures are low.

Whenever you happen to’re constructing for the future, that is a moderately neatly-built motherboard. GIGABYTE has integrated their “double locking” bracket on this motherboard that goals to have your substances get thru the usage of a front aspect and a bottom lock.

One other at hand characteristic is GIGABYTE Q-Flash Plus which lets you flash the BIOS with out having to install the CPU, memory, or graphics card.

Rounding Up

Now that we’ve system to the stop of our list of the most easy H470 motherboards, we idea it’d be a kindly idea to love a short roundup. We’ve covered motherboards of all diversified shapes and sizes this day, right here’s about a the major things that we’ve stumbled on.

Attempting to search out a motherboard to suit correct into a little case? The GIGABYTE H470M DS3H and ASUS ROG STRIX H470-I Gaming are each little assemble-ingredient motherboards that are salubrious for any micro-builder.

Desire a motherboard that affords you further cooling alternatives, the GIGABYTE H470M DS3H has a formidable different of fan headers and natty “fan-cease” instrument.

Whenever you happen to must like a motherboard that stands up neatly in the design and assemble division, the ASRock H470 Metallic Myth is a dazzling having a gape motherboard that can stand out in any system.

The ASUS Top motherboard is a gargantuan chance whereas you’re hunting for a sturdy, but energy-atmosphere devoted board for your PC.

These are correct our high picks of the recent H470 motherboards and we’ll tiny question stare extra launched one day. If none of the above motherboards sound dazzling for you, why not expend a gape at about a our agreeable mentions.

Closing Observe

That brings us to the stop of our list of motherboards this day. We’ve tried to whisper you a a form of list that affords you about a diversified alternatives when constructing. Whereas an H470 motherboard doesn’t like the same level of aspects because the Z490 series, it’s silent a gargantuan platform to begin your assemble on.

Did we pass over any gargantuan motherboards from our list? What like you ever used for your builds? Affirm us down in the feedback fragment below. Whenever you happen to must must communicate with other readers about the most modern know-how, manufacture obvious to pass on over to the Neighborhood Hub as neatly.

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