The Top 5 Best Modem Router Combo

Because of the growing stride of at the novel time’s broadband, we are able to most frequently neglect that selecting the utterly router is mostly as vital as the stride of your web.

But stride is completely one element when it involves a decent connection. You furthermore mght have to imagine signal strength/fluctuate, channel bonding, upload speeds, and the scheme in which many devices it’ll effectively handle without delay. What we’re attempting to tell is, there’s extra to purchasing for a router than what meets the stare. 

If you happen to for the time being absorb an vulnerable/stock router and also you procure your self constantly experiencing a ton of issues, there is a just likelihood that you simply may perchance well perchance also have to upgrade. Assuming, clearly, that the technicians didn’t procure any components with your connection in the foremost procedure. 

So, with all that acknowledged, let’s verify out some of the utterly modem router combos!

First Look: Easiest Modem Router Combo

Easiest General Modem Router Combo

TP-Link Archer CR1900

TP-Hyperlink Archer CR1900

With download accelerates to 1000Mbps, 6x antennas, high-powered amplifiers, and channel bonding of up to 24 downstream channels, the TP-Hyperlink Archer CR1900 scheme severe alternate and may perchance perchance well level-headed for certain be one among your first considerations. 

If you happen to’re willing to shriek a wide range of cash, then this in all equity perchance the utterly modem router that you simply may perchance be ready to procure. It affords immense fluctuate and stride in one kit – just fabricate particular that your community connection is up to the assignment and that your devices reinforce 5GHz as nicely!

Easiest High-dwell Modem Router Combo

NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000

NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000

With 1.8K sq ft of coverage and reinforce for simultaneous usage of 30 devices without delay, 400Mbps max download, and 24×8 channel bonding, chances are high that this is going to be bigger than enough for even a few of essentially the most tense customers.

Right here’s one other immense likelihood for prime-dwell customers or huge families in attention-grabbing properties. The 24×8 channel bonding along with the 1.8K sq ft of coverage makes it estimable for situations devour these!

Easiest Mid-Vary Modem Router Combo

ARRIS Surfboard

ARRIS Surfboard

The Surfboard AC1600 affords max download speeds of 300Mbps and 16×4 channel bonding – which sounds underwhelming compared with our high-dwell alternatives. But, this is the sweet divulge between what you pay and what you procure as a median client.

Right here’s what most of you with a just connection will have to gape out for. It’s pretty perchance the sweetest designate as extra dear alternatives maintain diminishing returns whereas more cost effective ones start up sacrificing stride, fluctuate, channels, or all of that.

Easiest Tag Modem Router Combo

Motorola MG7550

Motorola MG7550

Motorola’s offering would perchance even be rather on the dear aspect. But, with loopy-high speeds, 4x ethernet ports, and 16×4 channel bonding, it’s doubtlessly price it.

If you happen to desire a wide range of Ethernet ports, the Motorola MG7550 in all equity perchance your completely guess. It affords four of them whereas, compared, most modem routers are restricted to 2. Ethernet in general affords a little decrease latency and 0 interference – which is why its the favorable likelihood for avid gamers.

Easiest Budget Modem Router Combo

NETGEAR C3000-100NAS N300

NETGEAR C3000-100NAS N300

The N300 comes with 8×4 channel bonding and most download speeds of 340Mbps. And that doesn’t sound devour worthy – nevertheless do no longer put out of your mind that it’s essentially the most payment-good offering on this list.

If you happen to have to procure one thing that’s cheap and decent at the identical time, we’d highly recommend checking this one out. It’s no longer too love, on the opposite hand it’s loads enough for a tiny family at a medium-sized dwelling with a decent connection.

How We Take

Whether we’re reviewing recent monitors or the completely GPU available in the market on the market, picking the narrate hardware can always be a unheard of assignment.

It requires hours of product analysis, performance benchmarking, and reviewing client options to procure anyplace shut to a definitive conclusion on what to recommend.

If you happen to don’t appear to be tech-savvy and struggle to place the time aside to battle via the above necessities, you may perchance well perchance also dwell up purchasing a GPU that is rarely in actual fact agreeable for you.

Misfortune no longer though, traffic! Right here at WePC, we devour to capture the stress of research away, and switch out to be your total route of into a straightforward-to-notice, total investors data. That’s agreeable, our personnel of PC enthusiasts has carried out your complete unheard of work for you!

How We Test

Checking out the merchandise we recommend is a substantial phase of the general selection route of in our completely of guides. Or no longer it is some distance an answer to manufacture particular what we recommend is, for certain, the utterly likelihood in its explicit category.

To ensure a product is “the utterly,” it have to display masks handsome performance in our assessments, and display masks greater qualities and capabilities than the competition it faces.

Most of the merchandise we recommend here at WePC maintain gone via a strict testing route of that capabilities the full lot from the designate and performance, to create quality, effectivity, and aesthetics. Every product is pushed to the restrict to ogle how it performs below intense stress to manufacture particular it warrants our coveted top divulge.

Doing this enables us to provide you essentially the most just overview of how the product performs and, finally, whether or no longer it be price your richly deserved cash.

Things to Glean in mind

As we mentioned above, selecting any hardware internal the skills sector requires files, ride, and analysis. Since we’re those that attain the analysis and maintain the ride, all that remains for you is to make shriek of rather of files in teach to take whatever suits you completely. 

In any case, there may perchance be rarely the sort of thing as a modem router that works for all people. Tremendous, essentially the most costly likelihood would perchance even most frequently be the utterly, nevertheless, whereas you happen to’ll be ready to’t fabricate essentially the most of it, you’re just wasting cash for no reason. 


ISP stands for Web Service Supplier – somewhat self-explanatory. So, the very very first thing that you simply have to attain earlier than purchasing for a modem router is to manufacture particular that it’s devour minded with your ISP.

Luckily, most routers can work with most ISPs. But, there are always a few exceptions – which is why we’d recommend checking out each modem’s description web page where they point out what ISPs are supported – just to be discover. 


There are a pair of issues that have an effect on stride. First of all, you have to know the speeds that your ISP affords. 50Mbps is what most of us maintain this day – on the opposite hand it’ll spin as high as 1000 (for the fortunate few who can procure it and are willing to pay for it anyway). 

After that, you wish a modem router that can match or exceed your connection’s stride. If you happen to procedure on upgrading to a quicker web connection finally, for certain procure a router that can handle these speeds in the foremost procedure to avoid wasting cash. 


For the time being of scripting this article, we mainly shriek 2 bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Every has its absorb mavens and cons. 

2.4GHz is worthy slower on the opposite hand it also affords seriously greater penetration and overall signal. 5GHz, on the loads of hand, is larger than twice as speedy – on the opposite hand it affords worthy much less fluctuate and penetration.

That acknowledged, 2.4GHz can technically spin as high as 600Mbps – which is level-headed worthy increased than what most of us can procure. But, whereas you happen to’re somebody who can maintain bigger than that, you’ll first desire a machine that can join to the sort of router – after which you’ll also have to manufacture particular that you simply’re as shut as that you simply may perchance be ready to imagine to the modem router. Ideally, in the identical room. 

Glean in mind that most frequently, even mid-fluctuate routers shriek dual-band connectivity. This vogue that they work in each 2.4GHz and 5Ghz at the identical time and also you may perchance be ready to join to whatever band suits you completely. 


A router’s fluctuate is wanted as it theoretically tells us how some distance-off from the router you may perchance well perchance also be and level-headed join wirelessly. If you happen to’ll be ready to’t procure a signal, then your mammoth-speedy web connection and dear router will straight change into ineffective. 

Unfortunately, there’s no longer worthy that we are able to achieve to procure the fluctuate of a router just by taking a gape at a wide range of specs on paper. Tremendous, extra antennae would perchance even be greater – nevertheless that doesn’t teach us worthy about precise-existence outcomes.

So, the utterly thing that we are able to achieve is trust in what reviewers tell and piece our deepest experiences with you. Constantly capture into myth how attention-grabbing your procedure is earlier than purchasing for and what we mentioned about bands above.


Routers don’t just download and upload the full lot in one batch. As a replace, they break up it into a pair of channels for greater overall outcomes. If there’s extra files coming into than what the router can handle, you’ll start up experiencing community congestion which ends in packet loss and assorted low issues. 

16×4, which is what you in general procure with mid-fluctuate choices, scheme that there are 16 channels for downstream and 4 for upstream. That’s in general bigger than enough for a good deal of of us – nevertheless enthusiasts and of us that piece their connection with assorted customers would perchance even have to imagine 24×8!

The 5 Easiest Modem Router Combo

Product Dinky print
Easiest overall Modem Router Combo TP-Link Archer CR1900

TP-Hyperlink Archer CR1900

  • downstream stride: Up to 1000Mbps (On the 5GHz band)
  • channel bonding: 24×8
  • fluctuate: Desires to be estimable for attention-grabbing properties
  • bands: 2.4 and 5GHz – dual band
Test Contemporary Tag
Easiest High-dwell Modem Router Combo NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000

NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000

  • downstream stride: Up to 400Mbps
  • channel bonding: 24×8
  • fluctuate: Supreme for attention-grabbing properties with a pair of devices
  • bands: 2.4 and 5GHz – dual band
Test Contemporary Tag
Easiest Mid-Vary Modem Router Combo ARRIS Surfboard

ARRIS Surfboard

  • downstream stride: Up to 300Mbps
  • channel bonding: 16×4
  • fluctuate: First price for a medium dwelling
  • bands: 2.4 and 5GHz – dual band
Test Contemporary Tag
Easiest designate Modem Router Combo Motorola MG7550

Motorola MG7550

  • downstream stride: Up to 375Mbps
  • channel bonding: 16×4
  • fluctuate: First price for a medium to attention-grabbing dwelling with a few devices
  • bands: 2.4 and 5GHz – dual band
Test Contemporary Tag
Easiest Budget Modem Router Combo NETGEAR C3000-100NAS N300

NETGEAR C3000-100NAS N300

  • downstream stride: Up to 300Mbps
  • channel bonding: 8×4
  • fluctuate: Don’t check too worthy
  • bands: 2.4 and 5GHz (No dual band reinforce)
Test Contemporary Tag


TP-Hyperlink Archer CR1900

If cash isn’t a self-discipline and your connection is somewhat worthy as speedy as it gets for consumers, this in all equity perchance your completely guess. 

It has your total kit. A range of channels, reinforce for up to 1000Mbps of download speeds, dual-band reinforce, immense fluctuate, and it also works with virtually every standard ISP. 

Up to now as downsides are appealing, the utterly thing that now we have to point out is perchance the designate which is clearly rather high. A quantity of than that, there maintain also been a few reports about TP-Hyperlink’s buyer reinforce. But, the router itself is barely.


NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000

Right here’s one other immense likelihood that focuses rather extra on fluctuate pretty than stride. Restful, with that being acknowledged, most of us can’t even reach half of the download speeds that this modem router affords. 

So, all issues thought to be, this is a suberb high-dwell likelihood with the utterly downside being that it’s rather on the dear aspect. And the self-discipline gets even worse for people who need increased with the AC2200 or 3200. 

Of route, whereas you happen to’ll be ready to procure your fingers on a gigabit connection, then we are able to completely bewitch that spending an extra 100 or 200 bucks isn’t going to be a huge deal.


ARRIS Surfboard

If you happen to’re extra drawn to a price range to mid-fluctuate offering, the Surfboard is one among the foremost alternatives that you simply may perchance well perchance also level-headed gape at. It’s seriously more cost effective compared with the leisure of our alternatives without sacrificing too worthy. 

Tremendous, it has a decrease quantity of channels, it misses a few Ethernet ports, and its fluctuate is no longer as immense either. But, nevertheless, this is no longer focused in direction of of us that need that roughly stuff. Right here’s extra correct for a tiny family with a decent connection – or a single fanatic – we won’t mediate. 

If there’s one downside at this designate point, then that’s doubtlessly going to be the reality that the router completely comes with 2 Ethernet ports. So, whereas you happen to would devour one thing that contains 4 LAN ports for as cheap as that you simply may perchance be ready to imagine, verify out our next likelihood.


Motorola MG7550

Many modem routers that delay with 4 Ethernet ports (First price routers) can without quandary surpass the $200 sign. No longer this one, though. 

For rather lower than $150, you procure 4 Ethernet ports, up to 375Mbps of download speeds, decent fluctuate, and dual-band connectivity. No longer a corrupt good buy. 

Some would perchance even procure the 16×4 channel configuration a bit missing in the designate division. Having acknowledged that, that’s doubtlessly the designate to pay for additonal LAN connectivity and decent community speeds.


NETGEAR C3000-100NAS N300

Cheap doesn’t always equal corrupt – and this modem router is the estimable example of that. Tremendous, $85 (Looking out on the time of eliminate) isn’t exactly a tiny quantity to pay. But, when compared with routers that can without quandary surpass $200? That’s as cheap as we’d spin. 

The just thing relating to the C3000 is that essentially the most supported stride is at 300Mbps. On the reverse dwell of the spectrum, there may perchance be rarely any dual-band reinforce and that you simply’re certain to an 8×4 channel setup.

Restful, with these speeds and seriously restricted fluctuate, you wants to be estimable just by leaving it at 2.4 GHz. If there’s one downside, then that’s perchance the corrupt technical reinforce (In response to your complete investors, no longer lower than).

Rounding Up

Most routers are somewhat straightforward to comprehend. Some of them provide rather extra fluctuate or stride, others reach with perchance an extra USB or Ethernet port, and that’s about it. Right here’s a tiny round-up anyway: 

  1. If you happen to need the utterly overall modem router and also you don’t distress about cash, verify out the TP-Hyperlink Archer CR1900. The price is somewhat worthy its completely downside
  2. Is fluctuate a much bigger self-discipline that loopy-high community speeds? Then procure the NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000
  3. If you happen to desire a center ground between designate to performance and don’t mind sacrificing rather of stride, 2 ethernet ports, and rather of fluctuate, gape at the ARRIS Surfboard
  4. Need 4 Ethernet ports and high speeds without needing to pay too worthy? The MOTOROLA MG7550 wants to be one among your first alternatives then
  5. These of you who need essentially the most payment-good likelihood that’s level-headed decent – verify out the NETGEAR C3000-100NAS N300

Closing Thoughts

That’s fervent by now. We hope that this data helped you out in making the next resolution. If you happen to’ve bought any questions or have to chat about anything else at all, feel free to reach out to us and all people else in the comments down below!

A quantity of than that, you may perchance be ready to also reach out to thousands of PC customers in our neighborhood hub!

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