Thermaltake AH T600 PC Case Review

In phrases of excessive-halt PC circumstances, the guys at Thermaltake positively spring to mind – bringing one of the most most outlandish and customizable case alternatives to the gaming forefront. So, when Thermaltake made up our minds to send us their helicopter inspired – yep, you heard me – AH T600 PC case, we had been greater than infected to see what it could per chance presumably yelp to the evergrowing market location.

The AH T600 is the most contemporary in a rising listing of uniquely designed circumstances that appear to prioritize aesthetic prowess over thermal efficiency and noise ranges. The fully open-designed case comes equipped with three sides of tempered glass, plastic ‘missile-Esq’ facet pods, and a cockpit-sort front which rounds off the helicopter theme smartly. 

At the present time we’ll be placing the AH T600 by its paces to see how this ordinary make stacks up towards other extremely-priced alternate alternatives. We’re going to present it the bulky rundown, attempting at airflow, water-cooling, and how easy it is miles to assemble in. 

So, with that in mind, let’s dive into the Thermaltake AH T600 case review!


  • Very qualified assemble construction – excessive-effective materials ancient one day of
  • Helps immense E-ATX motherboards
  • Out of the ordinary make that screams showpiece
  • For the most fragment, machine-free modularity
  • Nearly completely modular make
  • An open-opinion make which must serene eradicate warmth assemble-up


  • Involves market at the increased halt of the price spectrum
  • Very limited airflow thanks to the open-opinion make
  • Weighs smartly over 20kg when fully constructed
  • The stress of the case leaves a microscopic to be desired
  • The case doesn’t include any pre-installed followers


Case Kind Plump Tower
Dimensions (mm) 628 x 337 x 763 (L x W x H)
Supplies Metal, Tempered Glass, Plastic
Available Colours Murky, white
Weight 20.64 kg
Front I/O panel 1 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Kind-C, 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, Audio I/O, Energy button, Reset button
Expansion Slots 8
Force Bays 2 x 3.5″
3 x 2.5″
Motherboard enhance Mini-ITX, MicroATX, ATX, E-ATX
Cooling (Front/Top/Rear) Front – 4 x 120mm or 3 x 140mm
Top – 3 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm
Interior appropriate – 3 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm
Rear – 0
Backside – 0
Most GPU length VGA length limitation: 300mm(With Water Pump)
440mm(Without Water Pump)

Critical Functions

  • Fully Modular make
  • Two sides of tempered glass
  • Helicopter inspired aesthetics
  • Tailored to water-cooling
  • USB Kind-C

Interior The Field:

thermaltake ah t 600

  • Thermaltake AH T600 PC Case
  • Accessory Field
  • Starter Book

The Delivery air

The first enlighten you stare upon unboxing this case is loyal how gigantic it is miles. I mean, this enlighten rivals their See 71 for every and every dimension and weight – weighing over 20kg with none inner ingredients. Now, whereas you’re mindful of the See 71, you’ll know how awkward that case could presumably furthermore be whereas you’re a microscopic restricted for dwelling. Well, sadly for some, the AH T600 poses the identical factors. 

Size aside although, this could presumably also very smartly be one in every of the most unfamiliar-attempting circumstances I’ve viewed in rather a whereas. The AH T600 is electrified by military assault helicopters and you must roughly see this when attempting at it from definite angles. The front variety of appears like a helicopter cockpit and the facet pods could presumably signify missiles, it’s a microscopic ridiculous if truth learn.

That being acknowledged, there’s an rising question for this roughly case rising in as of late’s market. I serene can’t put my finger on who right here is de facto focused at although. Hopefully, further down the review, this could presumably turn out to be much clearer. 


As mentioned above, the front panel is where so much of the cockpit-sort aesthetics could presumably furthermore be found. It contains three 3mm tempered glass panels that take a seat loyal below the I/O ports and affords visible entry to any radiator or RGB case followers you to make a decision on to set up. The tempered glass sits inner a thick plastic shell that could presumably furthermore be removed when entry to the followers is essential. 

The backside half of the front panel is fabricated from a thick angular piece of steel, in conjunction with microscopic or no by methodology of physical make aspects. It displays the Thermaltake logo in a moderately subtle sort (when as in contrast with the remaining of the case’s make) and has immense cutouts between the steel and cockpit dwelling. This sparkling much items the tone for the case by methodology of aesthetics and thermal make, with practically the total AH T600 being open-designed – as we’ll quickly see. 


Shifting to the rear of the case, there all over again isn’t much to focus on about by methodology of make aspects. The relieve is, for lack of a greater phrase, a gaping hole that affords customers total entry to the internals of the PC. Out-of-the-field, there are actually no aspects what so ever in the relieve of the case. 

Thermaltake ah t 600 1

That acknowledged, the AH T600 does include Thermaltake’s patented rotational PCIe 8 slot which could presumably furthermore be screwed to the relieve of the chassis, giving GPUs and further expansion playing cards the stability they require. Moreover, a PSU bracket that could presumably furthermore be slid in and out, secured by a thumbscrew, also comes with the case – giving customers a procedure more uncomplicated PSU set up process. 

The Top

The give up of the AH T600 is made out of two layers, one being the chassis and the opposite being a lid-like piece that is fabricated from pure steel. The steel lid doesn’t’ truly provide a loyal deal by methodology of aspects, on the opposite hand, it does like air air experience alongside with the dart holes (immense honeycomb-sort) which enable the give up radiator or followers to love bulky airflow. 

The lid screws into either facet of the case by 4 reasonably sturdy thumbscrews and feels secure in its housing – a attribute that isn’t always the case with this chassis. As regards to the front lies the I/O ports which add an alien-like styling to this case’s already unfamiliar request. The I/O ports consist of a energy/reset button (accompanied by LEDs), 2 x 3.5mm audio jacks (headphone & microphone), 1 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0, and 1 x USB Kind-C. 

The Interior

Having entry to the inner of this case is, as you must imagine, reasonably uncomplicated – achievable by a wide selection of assorted angles. The facet panels, which we haven’t truly touched upon, are fabricated from 5mm thick tempered glass and save to the chassis by two easy-to-match hinges. The doorways can swing open when customers are on the lookout for to beget entry to the ingredients and secure in location by a immense, accessible thumbscrew. Whilst we’re discussing the perimeters of this case, one aesthetic characteristic we’ve failed to trace is these missile-like pods that take a seat at either facet of the front panel. As far as I’m in a position to uncover, these have not any efficiency impacting beget on this case what so ever – seemingly only installed for aesthetic reasons (and to present it that helicopter theme Thermaltake changed into going for). That being acknowledged, they’re made out of plastic and in actual fact feel rather sturdy – albeit reasonably ineffective. 

As you open the facet panel up, you collect a greater belief of loyal how gigantic the inner of this case is. It’s spacious – qualified news for a substitute of assorted reasons.

Thermaltake ah t600

At the front, customers like entry to the fan mounting rack. The rack could presumably furthermore be removed with relative ease by two screws found below the “cockpit” plastic shell. As soon as the screws had been removed, customers can tilt the fan mounting rack backward and simply pull the total enlighten out. Customers like a wide selection of cooling potentialities right here, with enhance for a 480mm radiator, 3 x 140mm followers, or 3 x 120mm followers. Fan set up is amazingly easy thanks to the modular make of this case, with customers simply screwing the followers into location then sliding the total enlighten into area. 

Having entry to the roof could presumably furthermore be achieved by simply removing the four thumbscrews found on either facet of the lid. As soon as the lid is removed, customers like entry to the fan mounting dwelling which affords up a ton of clearance from the motherboard – a dream for builders the exhaust of developed, excessive-halt cooling solutions. The give up of the AH T600 supports a 360mm radiator, 3 x 120mm followers, or 2 x 140mm followers – greater than ample for the most provide an explanation for of cooling setups. 

The defective of the case is clearly the least prioritized dwelling of the AH T600. It affords microscopic or no by methodology of make aspects, only offering up a dual reservoir/pump mounting tray that screws into the defective by a single thumbscrew. There isn’t any such thing as a PSU camouflage on this case, nor are there any fan mounting potentialities for the ground either. The defective is a secure piece of steel without a air experience alongside with the dart holes what so ever – so, whether you adore it or no longer, the PSU will must be mounted with the fan going by upwards. 

That leads us smartly onto the motherboard tray. Here is where one in every of my well-liked aspects of this case lies, the modularity of the motherboard tray. Whilst modularity has been a working attribute one day of this case, it serene came as a shock when we came upon you must presumably physically snatch the total motherboard tray from the chassis. That’s appropriate, you must physically snatch the motherboard tray, set up the motherboard (and a wide selection of the opposite hardware), then re-set up the total enlighten with microscopic to no fuss – by a pair of thumbscrews found at the give up.

The AH T600 has enhance for as much as E-ATX motherboards, on the opposite hand, when installing an E-ATX board of our possess into this chassis, we did stare that cable management routes had been effected – in particular whereas you intend on the exhaust of a immense radiator next to the motherboard mounting dwelling. The board would lengthen over one of the most cable cutouts, making definite cables (24-pin to illustrate) very complicated to set up. That acknowledged, the exhaust of a more veteran ATX motherboard yielded so much better outcomes, leaving us entry to an absolute tonne of cable management alternatives. As mentioned earlier than, thanks to the scale of this case, immense radiators installed into the roof of the chassis aren’t going to make any clearance factors what so ever.

Subsequent to the motherboard mounting dwelling customers can mount a radiator as much as 360mm, 2 x 140mm followers, or 3 x 120mm followers, respectively. Look after many other bulky tower circumstances, right here’s a loyal characteristic and permits custom-builders to in point of fact experiment with the cooling aesthetics they deem to exhaust. This also performs host to your water-cooling reservoir (whereas you intend to head down the water-cooling route) or numerous SSD trays/HDD trays. As far as clearance goes, you aren’t going to be struggling for dwelling any time quickly. This enlighten has a ton of inner dwelling to play with and in actual fact microscopic by methodology of obstructions. Even the ideal of 2080Ti GPUs wouldn’t location off this case any complications. Speaking of GPU enhance, the AH T600 does enable customers to mount vertically if they’re on the lookout for to realize so. The display model at CES 2020 did invent the most of this characteristic (with water-cooling) and I’m in a position to safely convey, it seemed sparkling generous. 

The Attend Panel

Shifting to the rear of the case, customers are greeted by one other identical 5mm tempered glass facet panel that is also on hinges. After removing the facet panel, it’s definite to see that cable management changed into a immense fragment of the make process. There are a ton of cable routing alternatives, in conjunction with cable tie holes, cable cutouts, and velcro ties. However, for customers no longer the exhaust of a modular PSU, you are going to fight in phrases of hiding the cables. As this case is fully clear and open-opinion, we had been a microscopic bowled over that Thermaltake didn’t match any variety of camouflage. It would had been fine to love a microscopic inlay or dwelling that could presumably had been ancient for cabling. However, that wasn’t an option. 

Thermaltake AH t600 2

There is a immense cutout in the guts of the motherboard tray which permits easy accessibility for installing immense CPU coolers. Beneath, customers will accumulate three particular person harddrive trays that could presumably furthermore be altered to your preference. Ranking between two 3.5″ HDDs or three 2.5″ SSDs, the unreal is yours. Which you must additionally furthermore reposition the trays to the left-hand facet, leaving you more dwelling for cable routing.

Overall, the relieve follows the identical constructing because the front. Aesthetically it ticks so much of the obliging boxes, functionally, it could per chance presumably potentially exhaust some tweaking. 


Functions are one in every of the ideal factors to consider, rather more so must you’re procuring a case that retails right by the $250 build. Functions can invent constructing in a case a bunch more uncomplicated, can invent airflow work more successfully, and could want an staunch impression on any person’s procuring decision. So, with that in mind, let’s use a request at the well-known aspects the AH T600 comes equipped with:

Delivery-Plan Kind – Now, whereas the make of this case won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, it does maintain a location in as of late’s market. Thermaltake has given the AH T600 a fully open-opinion make that in actuality leaves microscopic or no to the creativeness. Whilst this could presumably request amazing (if achieved precisely), it does pose some complications in phrases of airflow efficiency. As a rule, you are on the lookout for to love an enclosed dwelling that lets in air rigidity to assemble and secure airflow to practice. With an open make such as this, that rigidity can’t assemble up, which methodology the airflow is much less potent than with other circumstances. That acknowledged, it does like it’s positives. As an illustration, no longer like an enclosed case, the AH T600 does a so much better job of dissipating warmth appropriate off the ingredients. There isn’t any such thing as a dwelling for the warmth to assemble up, it simply dissipates out the perimeters. 

Plump Modularity – For me, modularity is one in every of the ideal promoting factors in phrases of excessive-halt circumstances such as this. Modularity makes constructing in a case so much more uncomplicated. With this particular case, sparkling much every fragment of it could per chance presumably furthermore be removed to again in the assemble process – that entails; all facet panels, the front and high “lids”, the fan mounting tray (at the front), and even the total motherboard tray. Moreover, the PCIe slot at the relieve could presumably furthermore be removed and so can the PSU tray. 

Water Cooling Strengthen – Water cooling has been gaining popularity for a qualified few years now, so it’s no shock to see the rising substitute of circumstances that accommodate water-cooling ingredients. With the AH T600, I truly feel this changed into positively one in every of the well-known reasons why this case changed into dropped at fruition. It loyal screams water-cooling. Thermaltake has given builders an absolute tonne of dwelling to play with, allowing them to beget loopy custom loops that are competition qualified. The chances truly are never-ending in phrases of water-cooling versatility for this assemble. 

Our Verdict

So, there you must presumably want it, the engaging and uniquely designed Thermaltake AH T600 PC  case. Before all the pieces, I presumed this changed into loyal one other imprecise attempting case that changed into destined for the scrap steel bin. However, after spending a whereas constructing in it (and seeing the massive quantity of water-cooling/aesthetics potentialities), it’s clearly one thing much greater than that.

Eventually, what we have right here’s a showpiece – a custom builder’s dream in phrases of water-cooling. As displayed at CES 2020, you truly can invent this enlighten request amazing. It has a tonne of room for water-cooling, is amazingly easy to assemble in, and doesn’t truly request that loopy – albeit inspired by an assault helicopter. 

Whilst this case isn’t ideal, coming equipped with numerous flaws for the day to day particular person, it’s serene a very efficient blueprint for a much bolder venture. The backside line is that this; whereas you’re on the lookout for to build collectively a water-cooled PC and wish an especially loud aesthetic to assemble round, then the AH T600 will possible be precisely what you’re procuring for. Sadly, on the opposite hand, I’m in a position to’t truly see this enlighten working in any other scenario. An even case, nevertheless a microscopic too imprecise for me. 

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