Toshiba MG08 (MG08ACA16TE) 16TB HDD Review

Designed to meet the ever-increasing want for storage densities in the endeavor atmosphere, the eighth-generation MG08 drives from Toshiba are also the corporate’s 2nd-generation helium-sealed HDD drives. The 16TB drives are readily accessible in quite a pair of versions with a selection of two interfaces.

The 16TB MG08 series makes use of Helium expertise which enables for 9 x 1.8TB (approx.) CMR (historical magnetic recording) platters alongside side 18 TDMR heads to be crammed into a 3.5in structure pressure with a height of correct 26.1mm. The pressure has a spindle saunter of seven,200rpm and is provided with 512MB of cache. The skilled transfer rate for the MG08 series is up to 262MB/s.

The MG08 is readily accessible in a technique of versions. First, off it comes with either 6Gb/s SATA or 12Gb/s SAS interfaces. Then there are 512e or 4Kn Evolved Structure Sector Technology alternate choices and finally, there are four SED (Self-Encrypting Power) versions. The 512e gadgets consist of Toshiba Continual Write Cache Technology that provides protection in opposition to loss of files in unexpected energy-loss events.

There are four SATA gadgets, two customary versions MG08ACA16TA (4Kn) and MG08ACA16TE (512e, the pressure we are reviewing here) and two SED versions (4Kn MG08ACP16TA, 512e MG08ACP16TE).

The four 12Gb/s SAS gadgets are; MG08SCA16TA (customary 4Kn), MG08SCP16TA (4Kn SED), MG08SCA16TE (customary 512e) and MG08SCP16TE (512e SED).

Vitality ratings for the SATA versions of the pressure are quoted as 4W real looking inactive with maximum 4K learn/write energy figures of seven.63W. Toshiba quote a workload ranking of 550TB/twelve months with an MTBF of 2.5M hours and back the pressure with a 5-twelve months guarantee.

Bodily Specifications:

  • Usable Capacities: 16TB.
  • Spindle Flee: 7,200rpm.
  • No. Of Heads: 18 (TDMR – Two-Dimensional Magnetic Recording).
  • No. Of Platters: 9.
  • Cache: 512MB.
  • Recording Strategy: Feeble Magnetic Recording (CMR).
  • Interface: Serial ATA (SATA) 6Gb/s (SATA III).
  • Extinguish Notify: 3.5in.
  • Dimensions: 101.85 x 26.1 x 147.0mm.
  • Power Weight: 720g.

Firmware Model: 0101.

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