TSMC gets greenlight for 2nm chip plans

Just one day after Intel detailed its process node roadmap and naming changes, rival chip maker, TSMC, has received approval for its most advanced fabrication facility yet. Once set up, this facility will be used to build TSMC 2nm chips for various clients. 

The Environmental Review Committee (via Nikkei Asia) has approved TSMC’s building plans, so construction on the 2nm facility can begin in early 2022, and equipment can begin being installed in 2023. Currently, TSMC plans to bring its 2nm fab online in 2024-2025.

Aside from the upcoming 2nm facility, TSMC is also constructing a new 5nm chip plant in the US, as well as expanding its 28nm production capacity in China. TSMC is also eyeing up an expansion into Europe in the years ahead as well.

TSMC’s 2nm technology will be going up against Intel 20A in 2025, which will be the first Intel processor to use RibbonFET technology, the company’s first new transistor architecture since 2011.

KitGuru Says: Intel and TSMC will be close competitors in the years ahead, particularly as Intel Foundry Services begins to get off the ground. Typically, competition spurs innovation, so we should be seeing many interesting developments leading through 2025. 

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