Twitch suffers massive data breach, Steam competitor, creator earnings and source code leaks

It looks like Twitch has suffered the biggest data breach in the site’s history. Not only has an anonymous hacker managed to obtain source code and data on confidential projects, but information on payroll and Twitch partner earnings have also leaked. 

The leak was initially posted on 4Chan (via Reddit) with a link to a 125GB torrent file containing all the data. According to a source speaking with VGC, the leaked data is legitimate and Twitch is aware of the breach internally and the hack seemingly took place as early as Monday this week and with the data already spreading around publicly, Twitch now has no chance to contain the leak.

The leak includes the full Twitch source code and comment history dating back to the site’s earliest days, proprietary SDKs used by Amazon Web Services and Twitch, creator earnings, security tools and an unreleased app called Project Vapor, which is said to be Amazon Game Studios’ competitor to Steam.

When it comes to creator earnings, the numbers include subscriptions and advertising revenue, essentially money earned directly through Twitch. Many creators use third-party tools for donations and also participate in sponsored streams, which are not calculated in these amounts.

The files are out there and people are continuing to dig through them, so more information is going to come to light in the coming days. So far, there is no word on whether the user data of regular Twitch viewers has been compromised and Twitch has yet to publicly comment on the situation.

KitGuru Says: This is a massive leak for Twitch and is bound to cause a huge amount of issues. We’ll keep an eye out for Twitch’s official response, which should come today. 

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