Up close with Nvidia’s Dynamic Boost feature for gaming laptops

The future of gaming laptops, it seems, is largely focused around managing the limited thermal budgets between the two hottest components: The CPU and GPU. AMD has SmartShift and Intel has Dynamic Power Share, but both technologies are designed to work exclusively with their own hardware. Now Nvidia’s joined the party with its own Dynamic Boost, which aims to leverage the “unused” thermal budget in a laptop.

For example, if a laptop has a thermal budget of 115 watts with 35 watts for the CPU, and 80 watts for GPU–why not take any additional power the CPU isn’t using to increase performance when gaming?

That’s the idea behind Nvidia’s answer to AMD’s SmartShift and Intel’s Dynamic Power Share. How it works the company isn’t detailing, but it is limited to DirectX gaming right now. We’d guess Nvidia has created algorithms to dynamically jack up the GPU’s power usage under certain loads, and dynamically gate the CPU’s performance to the point where it doesn’t injure the frame rate performance.

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