Valve rolls out PS5 DualSense controller support on Steam

The DualSense controller has been getting plenty of good feedback from early PS5 owners and soon, it looks like PC players will be able to use Sony’s new gamepad too. Over the weekend, Valve brought PS5 controller support to the Steam Input API. 

Valve typically likes to add support for all the major game controllers for PC games, so this isn’t too surprising. With support now included in the Steam Input API, Steam supports the DualSense’s LED, trackpad, rumble and gyro features. Currently, the ‘adaptive triggers’ are not supported but perhaps that will change later down the line.

DualSense controller support is included in the Steam desktop client beta, which you can opt into in the settings menu.

Aside from announcing PS5 controller support, Valve also touched on the growing popularity of gamepads amongst Steam users. Apparently, over the last two years, the daily average user count of Steam players using a controller has doubled. This growth has been highest amongst PlayStation controller users, with Sony’s gamepad appearing in 21.6 percent of all ‘controller sessions’ on Steam.

KitGuru Says: I’ve been hearing good things about the DualSense, so hopefully we can eventually see all of its features supported on PC. Do many of you often use a controller while playing on PC? What’s your usual go-to gamepad? 

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