Watch Dogs: Legion mission bug is shutting down Xbox One X consoles

Watch Dogs: Legion is officially releasing tomorrow but unfortunately for those looking to play it on Xbox One X, there is a serious game-breaking bug to be aware of. 

During the mission ‘404’, which takes place a few hours into the main campaign, Watch Dogs: Legion freezes when running on Xbox One X and as reported by Eurogamer, this then leads to a message from the Xbox warning of an imminent shutdown. The bug apparently causes the console to overheat.

The odd thing here is that Xbox One X is the platform Ubisoft recommended that reviewers play the game on. So there could be other bugs on other platforms that still need addressing.

Ubisoft is already aware of the Xbox One X issue and is working on a fix, which should come in a patch on Friday. Hopefully there aren’t any other game-breaking issues further down the line.

KitGuru Says: It is unfortunate that this particular bug is still present the day of the game’s launch. This is something that really should have been caught earlier. If you are picking this game up today and plan to play on Xbox One X, then you’ll be best off avoiding this particular mission until later in the week when a fix rolls out. 

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