WD Blue SN550 1TB NVME M.2 SSD Review

This day we are having a observe at Western Digital’s true mainstream NVMe SSD; the WD Blue SN550. It’s a top performer, and accessible at practical costs as well. Whereas the WD Dim SN750 targets the elevated reside of the tag spectrum, the WD Blue SN550 caters to those on a tighter funds, with a peculiar look nevertheless tremendous performance.

Here’s but any other huge option from Western Digital, especially for those having a observe for an cheap pork up to elevate your frequent application load instances and in-game performance. The older SN500 didn’t characteristic a mannequin of this potential, so it’s perfect to secret agent WD alongside with it on this model and with speeds that focus on 2.4GB/s, the Blue SN550 gives huge tag.

Let’s exhaust a more in-depth secret agent and secret agent what more or much less upgrades we’re dealing with.



Capacity 1TB
Win Ingredient M.2 2280
Interface PCIe 3.0 x4
Controller WD Structure
Sequential Read 2,400 MBps
Sequential Write 1,750 MBps


The WD Blue SN550 force is an NVMe (non-unstable reminiscence explicit) SSD. This form of SSD will pop into your motherboards M.2 slot as prolonged because it goes to accommodate the 2280 create ingredient. Quite than the utilization of a SATA connection, the WD Blue SN550 makes use of 4 PCIe lanes, giving it eight instances more bandwidth to money in on of.


NVMe form SSDs are able to learn and write speeds at over 3GB/s, leaving SATA linked devices within the grime with their minute speeds of around 550MB/s. Swiftly M.2 drives equivalent to this one are supreme for gaming, with extraordinarily rapid loading instances, giving you more time to game as a substitute of staring at loading shows! NVMe SSDs can even model out huge records transfers equivalent to video insist material more successfully, quickening the path of.

This particular mannequin aspects WD structure with sequential learn and write speeds of 2,400MB/S and 1,750MB/s respectively.

This SSD aspects as no-frills catch, no longer pretty as refined as the Dim model, nevertheless serene slightly aesthetically pleasing with a vivid royal blue colour and shaded heart.


To take a look at the performance, we put the WD Blue SN550 by plan of a assortment of assorted scenarios, comparing it to the sooner WD Dim SN750 and the Samsung 860 QVO SSD. We put apart of residing out to take a look at this for more than perfect gaming, having a observe at how prolonged different positive aspects exhaust to install and delivery, measuring our ends up in seconds.

Sport Put Loading

We loaded plenty of AAA titles in areas the put apart we develop our benchmarks at WePC for some true-world outcomes. We compared the outcomes with the SN550 NVMe SSD and the Samsung QVO 860 accurately to present us a valid indication of the creep you are going to be ready to request at home.

Full Battle: Warhammer II


On TW: Warhammer II, we started a campaign called “The Watch Of The Vortex” and skipped the intro film, timing simplest the loading of the campaign. As you are going to be ready to secret agent The WD SN550 1TB was 30% quicker than the SATA linked force but gentle much an equivalent to the SN750 whenever you exhaust any margins of error into the equation. As this RTS game isn’t going to be reloading campaigns over and over, the 11 seconds or so you set apart over the frequent SSD are usually a one-off.

Crimson Slow Redemption 2


We loaded the sport set apart at “Saint Denis” on RDR2 as here’s the put apart we attain our benchmarking on the videos. All over again we secret agent a in point of fact noticeable distinction, with the SATA linked force taking around 30% longer than the NVMe. This makes the NVMe force pretty vital again, especially whenever you are going to be repeating the peculiar mission, saving you around 12 seconds on this particular load.

Assassins Creed: Odyssey, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, The Witcher 3


All three of these gaming titles showed runt distinction when loading the ranges we flee for our benchmarking, exhibiting a minimal make when difficult to an NVMe force. The set apart hundreds incorporated: Argolis for Assassins Creed, the sport set apart “City Of The Serpent” for SOTR, and the sport set apart within the city Novigrad for The Witcher 3.

Application Set up

Diving a chunk of deeper into what the SN550 can attain, we measured the volume of time it takes for the force to install non-gaming positive aspects. Whereas conducting these assessments, the time was taken from the level of clicking “install” (when it in actual fact starts) and concludes when the window adjustments, exhibiting the “carry out” button.


Whereas conducting these assessments we desired to exhaust rate to the diversifications between greater and smaller drives, pointing out what we already knew, SSDs with elevated potential are usually sooner.

Application Load

To take a look at application load instances, we frail LibreOffice Calc, Libre Author, and Gimp. The take a look at records consisted of a 3MB spreadsheet, a 10MB note doc, and a 20MB image. These details are a chunk of greater than what that you just would possibly also on the full be loading nevertheless the outcomes serene repeat runt distinction.

It’s a long way worth pointing out that these are on the full greater details than what most of the americans would in actual fact use in a day-to-day process nevertheless both formula, there was runt to no distinction, with the peculiar one-second deviation.


We tried huge 100MB note scientific doctors, 900MB spreadsheets, and 900MB images nevertheless it’s all CPU and RAM as soon as the application has loaded.


CDM (CrystalDiskMark) is a benchmarking instrument that’s easy and straight forward to use. CDM is an delivery-source instrument for Windows, giving us a graphical benchmark for the performance of our SSDs.

WD Green CDM


The outcomes on the nearest to the left repeat that the Sn550 reaches its chunky potential and completely smashes the smaller WD green force.

The WD Dim SN750 we tested achieved a learn creep of 3,496MB/s and a write creep of 3,021MB/s, exhibiting that hike in performance for the tag will most doubtless be definitely worth the synthetic if your willing to pay.


SSD producers will use ATTO to set apart sequential performance specs to their products. We could well be the utilization of ATTO to search out out how the force handles different file sizes.



The WD Blue SN550 was vastly quicker than the frequent SSD as we anticipated nevertheless also lighting speedily compared with the WD Green SSD also. With almost 2GB/s on file sizes between 128KB and 64MB, there was no valuable tumble off enjoy we seen with the Dim on the smaller details. That being acknowledged, the WD Dim SN750 was around 1GB/s quicker on details between 1 and 64 MB.


Anvil is but any other instrument we use in our benchmarking. This instrument enables us to take a look at the creep of the force, making certain it’s configured properly and performs as anticipated.



Most attention-grabbing Note

The WD Blue SN550 is supreme for those having a observe to make bigger boot instances on a funds. The Blue mannequin’s tag to performance is supreme and whereas the synthetics can even creep within the support of the Dim mannequin rather plenty, the in-game and application performance were perfect as perfect.

Crucial’s P1 force stays competitively priced, but lacks the swish catch of the WD Blue – nevertheless every are huge for those gentle workloads and boot instances. This force performed consistently and does so at a low-tag, with it performing acceptably even under heavy writes.

With a 5 365 days warranty and an infinite tag to performance, the Blue Sn550 is an infinite chapter substitute worth your consideration.

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