Which PC cases are the best? | Ask an expert

Q: If you had to choose your favorite case right now, what would it be? And are there any overhyped ones I should avoid?

A: Assuming only one choice is permitted for this answer, I’ll pick a case that has strong, well-rounded appeal—the Corsair 4000D Airflow. This mid-tower has most everything today’s builders expect: a sleek minimalist look, good airflow, affordable price, and enough room to fit ATX motherboards. It also earns extra kudos for its swappable front panels, which allow you to change the style of the case and cost just $10 or less (plus shipping). If you start with the Airflow model and find that you prefer the quiet of a solid panel (or the look of a glass panel), you can make that swap with little fuss and additional cash outlay.

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