Whirlwind FX Element Keyboard Review

The Whirlwind FX Ingredient keyboard follows the firm’s predominant aim of attempting to present the best levels of immersion to the gaming trip. At $100, it’ll possess to present powerful higher than correct flashy lights to be thought of appropriate kind worth for cash. 

Gaming keyboards possess come a prolonged methodology during the last couple of a long time. Nevertheless, one space that has but to be fully explored is reactive RGB – a feature that showcases a true representation of your gaming trip by plot of radiant coloring. Effectively, that can perchance well perchance all be about to alter as a result of Whirlwind FX Ingredient keyboard.

Whirlwind FX has marketed the Ingredient keyboard as one in all the most immersive keyboards readily available in as of late’s market. It offers up some moving contemporary RGB implementations that can perchance well perchance doubtlessly exhaust your gaming trip to the next degree.

At this time time, we’ll be hanging the Ingredient keyboard by plot of its paces to gape how it performs against in an analogous vogue priced choices. We’ll be having a plot at how it stacks up in create quality, gaming performance, and total immersion.

So, with that being said, let’s demolish no beyond regular time and dive straight into it!

Whirlwind FX 2


  • RGB – Uniquely pleasing RGB that you won’t gape on other keyboards (no longer even Razer’s)
  • Stable Construction – Designed the usage of excessive-pause supplies that feel match to face the test of time
  • Customization – Pre-judge, users salvage the system to protect from a option of assorted swap sorts and keycap kinds


  • Fee – Right teetering on the threshold of pricy

Keyboard Size & Weight

  • Weight: 1.22kg
  • Size: Paunchy Size- 104 keys
  • Length: 445mm/ 17.50 inches
  • Width: 137mm/ 5.39 inches
  • Top: 36mm/ 1.41 inches

Keyboard Tech

  • Switches: Kailh crimson switches
  • OS Enhance: House windows 7,8,10
  • Media keys: Accessible by plot of operate keys
  • RGB: Paunchy RGB
  • Passthrough: N/A
  • Connection: Wired
  • Cable size: 1.8 m

What’s In The Box

Cherish all keyboards as of late, the Ingredient Whirlwind FX keyboard comes in a fairly fashioned having a plot box featuring an image of the keyboard on the front. Facts concerning the keyboard wraps around the facet and the aid, with key facets being explained on the rear. Internal the box, the keyboard sits internal a thin layer of plastic and internal a little cardboard housing.

Internal we salvage:

  • Ingredient Whirlwind FX Keyboard
  • Keycap puller
  • User Manual
  • 2-year warranty card

Extra Extras that extinguish no longer comprise the keyboard but were sent for overview functions:

  • Whirlwind FX matte keycaps
  • Padded gaming wrist leisure


From a salvage point of survey, I possess to sing, the Whirlwind FX Ingredient keyboard truly does glance the section. It comes geared up with an all-dim salvage that is accentuated well by flashes of RGB (which we’ll contact upon later) and a refined carbon fiber edge.

The keyboard’s backplate is low-profile in salvage and offers up a brushed aluminum fashion that is associated to that of the Corsair K95 XT Platinum. Undoubtedly, if I’m being comely, there’s lots about this keyboard that jogs my reminiscence of the extra costly Corsair different.

As far as branding goes, Whirlwind has saved it fairly simplistic for the Ingredient keyboard, the usage of the top comely-hand corner of the keyboard for a little imprint. I’d per chance possess most in fashion to gape the LED indicators positioned right here, but it no doubt’s truly no mountainous deal.

whirlwind FX 1

The keycaps that comprise this keyboard are burly-height and modern in create, something that, at the delivery, I became no longer partial to. I’m still no longer obvious I’m offered on the root of intellectual keycaps, mainly because they don’t present almost as powerful grip as the matte choices, but they’re initiating to grow on me for fashioned typing functions. We did receive a sample of the matte keycaps and I’m in a position to safely enlighten, they feel powerful higher for gaming.

Cherish lots of as of late’s keyboards, the Ingredient comes with two retractable feet that shall be venerable to regulate the peak and attitude of the keyboard in grunt to suit the individual’s desires. Unlike other keyboards of this worth point, the Ingredient’s feet handiest provide one height profile. It would were tremendous to gape a two-height design venerable, but it no doubt’s again, no mountainous deal.

The cable that comes geared up with this keyboard is braided and feels extremely sturdy. It’s 1.8 meters in size and does no longer detach for ease of storage and lope. Sadly, there is no longer any USB passthrough feature with this board, nor is there reroutable cable alternate ideas underneath. That said, from a purely aesthetic standpoint, I possess to present credit rating where credit rating is due. The Whirlwind FX Ingredient keyboard ticks many of the comely containers.


Parts are vastly crucial in keyboards that range around the $100 worth point. A appropriate kind space of facets shall be the variation between an costly keyboard and one that showcases appropriate kind worth for cash. Fortunately, in this scenario, the Ingredient has lots going for it. So, let’s exhaust a plot at one of the most standouts:


As you might perchance well well question of, the Whirlwind FX makes suppose of mechanical switches – Kailh crimson switches to be right. Kailh reds are a Cherry MX Purple clone made by Kaihua in China and provide up a linear fashion that is, well, no longer all people’s cup of tea. Unlike tactile switches that provide contact-soft solutions, the equal can’t be said for Kailh Reds.

That being said, they’re powerful less audible than other swap sorts which makes them unswerving for typing and fashioned-reason suppose. These grunt switches possess a 50cN actuation force and a 2mm pre-lope distance – making them easy and rapid to press.

That being said, customers extinguish possess the system to protect from these and clicky blues, giving you a puny of versatility in some unspecified time in the future of the shopping route of.

You shall be in a space to read our burly Switch files right here.


Anti-ghosting is a unswerving feature and one that we gape in gaming keyboards in each place in the market. Anti-ghosting is a feature that lets you press plenty of assorted keys on the equal time with every keypress being registered. Whereas this might perchance per chance perchance well additionally sound pointless, sooner than its arrival on the gaming keyboard scene, other folk that played “button bashing” games were experiencing overlooked keypresses in important scenarios – a aspect that esports gamers simply might perchance well well perchance no longer tolerate.

Anti-ghosting technology comes in a diversity of assorted kinds that vary within the option of keys that shall be pressed on the equal time. The set aside some keyboards handiest provide as a lot as 10 simultaneous key presses, others provide burly key rollover – the flexibility to press every key on the keyboard at the same time as all being registered.

To the Ingredient’s credit rating, it comes with the latter of the two alternate ideas, providing infinite accuracy in games that require multiple keypresses or intricate key binds.

RGB Lighting fixtures

RGB lighting has split the market over the years; being classed by many as a price-efficient feature that doesn’t present ample to the total gaming trip. Whereas this observation might perchance well well additionally be true, Whirlwind FX has implemented about a icy RGB facets that can perchance well perchance correct flip that ideology on its head.

We’ve left RGB unless final as it’s the standout feature of this keyboard, bringing contemporary levels of immersion to your gaming setup. It’s also the #1 marketing tool the Whirlwind FX guys possess venerable in promoting this product – categorizing this keyboard as a reactive RGB trip.

Cherish many keyboards of this worth, the Ingredient offers up in my plot backlit keys for an infinite degree of customization. Downloading the Ingredient’s instrument (Whirlwind Engine) will enable users to salvage admission to a total host of spectacular facets and presets. Here is where things salvage truly entertaining.

Because Heed is an originate-platform instrument package, it offers intensive customization, including 16.8 million colors per-key and the flexibility to make suppose of fundamental HTML5/canvas abilities for personalized lightscripts.

whirlwind 3

It already offers a bunch of reactive RGB presets for in fashion games comparable to PUB:G, Fortnite, CS:GO, and extra. The RGB will possess interplay along with your sport, altering color when explosions or gunfire goes off shut by. It’ll also change when your health is running low or action is taking place. It might perchance perchance per chance perchance well perchance additionally be one of the most most immersive RGB I’ve considered and no doubt added a puny of something to the gaming trip.

Gaming aside, you might perchance well well be in a space to also extinguish suppose of an Audio Spectrum preset, enabling your keyboard to synchronize with the beat of your tune. For me, at the same time as many of the presets feel a puny of gimmicky, the audio spectrum and gaming reactivity alternate ideas no doubt space this except for the competition.

Whirlwind FX Matte Keycaps

We were also sent a secondary space of ABS keycaps (for overview functions) that shall be purchased alongside the keyboard if required. The distinctive keycaps that comprise the Ingredient possess a intellectual create that can change into fairly slippery – especially within the event you might perchance well well possess moist hands. That being said, you might perchance well well be in a space to judge up a matte create space that does provide powerful extra within the ways of grip.

For gaming, I’d no doubt point out going for the matte keycaps, but we’ll discuss that in extra ingredient rapidly.

Palms-On Outcomes

That leads us well onto the performance section of this keyboard. Overall, I truly felt a puny of upset by the performance the Ingredient offered me. I became awaiting an spectacular higher gaming trip, especially with the total hype that surrounded the RGB of this board. Nevertheless, it feels esteem gaming performance has been compromised to accommodate the venerable.

I began off by enjoying about a rapid-paced first-individual shooters, the extra or less games that shall be impacted by the usual of your peripherals. So, as continuously, we loaded up CS:GO initially and played by plot of some deathmatch to gape what the Ingredient needed to provide. Whereas the keypress actuation became rapid, I felt esteem overlooked keypresses were no doubt extra frequent. I felt esteem I became over-strafing and peeking in important areas, something that can perchance well perchance per chance be deadly on the top pause of the aggressive ladder. After debating this for a whereas, I came to the conclusion that it became the linear Kailh switches that were the subject.

Because this keyboard doesn’t provide any tactile solutions what so ever, it’s particularly refined to pause your self urgent the low key – if that is good? The at ease nature of the keypress meant that you might perchance well well without effort slap the low key and you wouldn’t even perceive. On one hand, the switches are unswerving, permitting you to react sooner than your opponent. Nevertheless, within the event you’re a puny of clumsy around the keyboard, the linear switches shall be particularly problematic. The 100% anti-ghosting feature doesn’t aid with this final outcome both – albeit qualified in other eventualities!

As mentioned above, the 50cN actuation force paired with the slim 2mm actuation lope distance makes this keyboard very rapid certainly. I’m in a position to no doubt gape how aggressive esports gamers that were extremely comely would esteem this salvage feature.

Transferring onto RGB, I will possess to be comely, I truly truly loved how it performed in-sport. I decided to play each and every PUB:G and CS:GO and it became truly fairly tremendous seeing the keyboard change color when a grenade explodes comely next to your head. It also added well to those traumatic moments in PUB:G where health is low and you will desire a med-pack to protect alive.

The audio spectrum feature became also a non-public favourite of mine, being venerable on a in fashion foundation in some unspecified time in the future of day-to-day activities. Whereas it isn’t 100% obvious what’s occurring when the usage of this feature, you proceed to salvage the sense that the RGB is dancing to the beat.

Indirectly, I’m a puny of hit and miss with the performance this keyboard provided. That being said, users extinguish possess the option of selecting between about a varied swap sorts sooner than judge. I’m in a position to no doubt gape a varied swap form adding a tonne of worth to this stunning keyboard.

Our Verdict

So, there you might perchance well well possess it, our burly rundown of the Whirlwind FX Ingredient keyboard. I wasn’t obvious what to extinguish of this keyboard sooner than the usage of it. I point out, it’s a gaming keyboard that’s marketed around its RGB. That’s the form of aspect that continuously sends terror bells off in my head. Nevertheless, it wasn’t as puny as I’d first imagined.

Whereas gaming wasn’t as appropriate kind as the Ducky Miya Pro Sakura I suppose on a day-to-day foundation, it still offered up some appropriate kind pros none the less. For me, the switches weren’t my favourite aspect within the field, but they did present rapid actuation and restricted audio output – two components many folk crave. The RGB fairly powerful speaks for itself, I haven’t considered many keyboards that provide this extra or less functionality – even amongst top class offerings within the market. I tip my hat to Whirlwind for doing a unswerving job in this division.

Overall despite the truth that, would I point out this keyboard at its contemporary pricing of $100? Effectively, it’s refined truly. I inform it comes all of the system down to this. Whenever you happen to’re the extra or less person that likes gaming but prioritizes visual results and immersion, then I’d enlighten this keyboard might perchance well well additionally be exactly what you’re looking out for. Nevertheless, in case your predominant aim is gaming performance, there are per chance higher worth for cash products available.

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