XPG Summoner RGB Keyboard Review

When we predict Adata, we most steadily direct flashy RAM modules and properly designed SSD storage solutions. What we don’t most steadily direct, is their impressive differ of gaming peripherals which spans thru keyboards, mice, and audio.

This present day we’ll be taking a test at the latter, one of their latest gaming keyboards – the XPG Summoner RGB keyboard to be accurate. The brand new keyboard affords up your quantity of three Cherry MX switches, a bunch of RGB presets, a contented detachable wrist rest, and a effectively-positioned volume wheel. Even because it appears to be like to be to reach support geared up alongside with your whole necessities a gaming keyboard desires, the Summoner does have its downfalls – admire no particular person software.

In in this text, we’ll be hanging the Summoner RGB keyboard thru its paces to envision the procedure it stacks up in gain quality, gaming efficiency, and total rate for money.

So, with that in tips, let’s dive straight into it!


  • Wrist rest – Extraordinarily contented wrist rest which is easy to detach
  • Aluminum high plate – Sturdy and aesthetically comely
  • Volume wheel – With out distress modify volume settings on the flit
  • RGB – Seven preset RGB modes


  • Lacks some top class components 

Keyboard Specs

Keyboard Size & Weight

  • Weight: 951g
  • Size: Full Size
  • Length: 449mm/ 17.67 inches
  • Width: 135mm/ 5.31 inches (plus 88mm with wrist rest)
  • Top: 44mm/ 1.73 inches

Keyboard Tech

  • Switches: Cherry MX Blue, Red, Speed
  • OS Red meat up: Windows 7,8,10
  • Media keys: Volume wheel and silent button
  • RGB: Full RGB
  • Passthrough: Certain
  • Connection: Wired
  • Cable length: 1.8m

What’s In The Field

The XPG Summoner RGB keyboard is available in a reasonably popular box, showing the keyboard on the front and one of the most important most necessary components on the perimeters and support. Inner the box, the keyboard is wrapped in a thin layer of plastic and wedged in between two rather sturdy protective blocks. The wrist rest sits below the keyboard alongside the manual and extra keycaps.

Inner we gain:

  • XPG Summoner RGB Keyboard
  • Cushion Wrist Rest
  • Client Handbook
  • Extra Keycaps And Keycap Puller

Bring together

From a gain standpoint, this thing appears to be like to be to be like resplendent rattling staunch. I’ve considered pretty just a few keyboards develop primarily the most of this variety of gain over the last couple of years (Corsair Okay95 RGB Platinum XT)  and it’s easy to envision why. The sand-blasted aluminum high plate is the pleasant blueprint for XPG’s keycaps and RGB lighting fixtures. It affords the keyboard a top class feel that I definitely opt over the dusky plastic stumbled on on many replace branded keyboards. Talking of branding, XPG’s is rather subtle and resides above the arrow keys, presented in a steel cease that is flashy, yet discreet. The live plate does overlap the bodily body of the keyboard, however I wouldn’t label this as a adverse, ultimate noticeable for some perfectionists.

Within the tip ultimate-hand corner of the keyboard, users will secure a volume wheel and silent button – primarily the most appealing devoted media keys this board has to present. The volume wheel has a effective, tactile feel that is definitely necessary for on-the-flit volume adjustments whereas gaming. The silent button, on the utterly different hand, isn’t so comely on the senses. It has an empty feel and sound that, if reality be taught, attain feel extremely classic. Even as the button works perfectly lovely, I predict it would possibly maybe well perchance furthermore be an home of failure in the cease to future.

XPG decided to make exercise of secondary feature media keys for the play/cease, support, and forward controls – stumbled on thru F10-F12. Even as here is lovely, I would have most widespread devoted media keys as a replace. Why equip a volume wheel and silent button however go the rest out? It appears to be like to be barely confusing. Next to the quantity wheel sits three indicator lights for recreation mode, caps, and num lock.

The wrist rest which comes with this keyboard is one of many standout components, with out distress attachable by a magnetic strip stumbled on contained in the rest. It clips onto the bottom of the keyboard very with out distress and feels reasonably stable – yet smooth better than utterly different equally priced likely decisions. The cushioning ragged for the wrist rest feels extremely effectively-made, 0ffering up very ultimate comfort phases and stability over prolonged periods of time. The rest does add 88mm onto the width of this keyboard, so ultimate withhold that in tips must you is liable to be struggling for desk true-property.

pi feature image 6

Flipping the keyboard over affords dinky or no by formulation of gain components. Despite this being the case, it does offer two retractable feet (1 height atmosphere) and a USB passthrough which, to be ultimate, is more than most utterly different keyboards at this impress. The detachable feet don’t offer any stabilizing pads, nonetheless, thanks to the 2.1lb weight of this board, it doesn’t bound around a limiteless deal. The USB passthrough works effectively and is to hand for folk taking a test to fee mobile devices or exercise for peripherals.

Overall, I deserve to converse the gain of this board is truly very effective. Aesthetically, I deem it ticks your whole ultimate bins. The RGB works properly with the keycaps and the sandblasted aluminum brings a particular level of honorable quality to the table. Functionally, it does go barely to be desired. Having said that, it does have some novel components that most utterly different equally priced boards don’t have.


Bring together apart, it’s time to opt a more in-depth test at just a few of the necessary components this board comes geared up with. At this impress differ, components would possibly maybe well perchance furthermore very effectively be the variation between shopping and taking a test at likely decisions recommendations. They’ll enlarge the useability and efficiency of a keyboard, making them extremely important in terms of a impress differ as aggressive as this.

So, that being said, let’s test at the XPG Summoner’s necessary components:


Unlike utterly different keyboards that reside in the “beneath $100” impress bracket, the XPG Summoner RGB comes with a selection of three, high-efficiency Cherry MX switches. Users can develop a range from Cherry MX Red, Speed, and Blue switches, permitting them the tailor the feel and efficiency of the keyboard to their accurate necessities.

pi feature image 7

For me in my thought, I selected the gaming Red switches as they gave me faster actuation and are mighty much less audible. An limitless feature that is definite to commence this keyboard as much as a mighty wider purchaser demographic.

RGB Lights

Next up, now we have the RGB lighting fixtures. Despite the majority of keyboards marketed with ‘RGB’ in their names being rather uninspiring, I truly had high hopes for this explicit board. Nonetheless, those hopes were soon washed away thanks to a selection of utterly more than just a few components.

At the starting attach, let’s focus on the RGB recommendations this board affords. It has a selection of utterly different presets on hand which differ from respiratory to ‘explosion’ and your whole popular suspects in between. Even as these are resplendent frigid, customization is incredibly dinky for primarily the most share.

Unlike utterly different RGB branded keyboards (Razer being a main instance), the XPG Summoner doesn’t reach with any develop of particular person software. With out particular person software, lovely-tuning RGB lighting fixtures to your explicit desires isn’t truly likely. You fundamentally develop a range from the preset and be contented with what it affords.

Within the waste, for a keyboard that has RGB in its establish, I thought the XPG Summoner was as soon as lacking in this division. Even as the RGB is lovely, it definitely leaves lots to be desired – especially when comparing to others in this impress differ.

Anti-Ghosting & Key Rollover

Anti-ghosting and key rollover are applied sciences that guarantee every keypress is registered and despatched to the pc. As an instance, an particular person can press 9 keys your whole at the the same time and every keypress will likely be despatched to their PC – a feature designed for gamers who play titles that require advanced commands the exercise of several keys.

Having said that, key rollover is available in a selection of utterly different variants which fluctuate by the quantity of keys that would possibly maybe well perchance furthermore also be pressed at any individual time. At the decrease live of the principle rollover spectrum, boards can offer as few as five key rollover (five simultaneous key presses) – ample for many gaming scenarios. If we test at the greater live, users will likely be treated to NKRO – in every other case identified as full key rollover (all keys).

The XPG Summoner RGB keyboard affords the latter, offering particular recreation genres with the ‘button-bashing’ necessities they so need.

Ergonomic Wrist Rest

Lastly, now we have the cushioned wrist rest. The easy-to-connect wrist rest affords very ultimate phases of comfort, with out taking too mighty home to your desk (compared to others). It attaches to your board by a magnetic strip at the rear of the rest and sits in space firmly. The cushion padding feels extremely gentle and affords very ultimate comfort for prolonged gaming periods. Once carried out, simply pull the rest away and retailer it as wished. An limitless feature that not many replace boards of this impress differ can boast.

Hands-On Outcomes

Now that we’ve taken a test at the gain and one of the most important most necessary components that this keyboard comes geared up with, it’s now time to opt a more in-depth test at the procedure it performs. We’re going to be hanging it thru a assortment of games to envision the procedure it stacks up from a gaming standpoint. After all, here is a gaming keyboard. Engage into consideration, these findings are fixed with the cherry MX Red switches this board comes geared up with, utterly different iterations would possibly maybe well perchance furthermore unbiased offer a special efficiency output.

I kickstarted things admire I repeatedly attain, loading up my popular recreation – CS:GO. The principle thing I realized about the Summoner was as soon as ultimate how responsive the switches were. Clearly we’ve ragged a selection of keyboards in the previous that develop primarily the most of Cherry MX Red switches, however it repeatedly feels effective going support to them after a whereas. Actions felt sharp and the low actuation of the Cherry MX Reds intended I would possibly maybe well perchance furthermore react with lightning lag – precisely what you need when playing a snappy-paced title admire CS:GO. When put next with the budget keyboard I unbiased currently ragged – Redragon Okay552 Kumara – the XPG was as soon as mighty nicer on all fronts. It was as soon as far more tactile and didn’t cause half as mighty noise – two components I care about tremendously.

Despite NKRO expertise being barely overkill for practically every recreation, I did space as much as test it out in a pair of peculiar titles that required it. It perceived to work as expected, permitting me to press any quantity of keys at the the same time, with all being registered by the game.

From a typing level of gaze, I thought the XPG Summoner RGB was as soon as resplendent staunch truly. Even because it wasn’t primarily the most superior I’ve ever ragged, it definitely supplied up staunch lag when it was as soon as required. The most appealing ingredient that felt barely bizarre was as soon as the spring’s push-support pressure when lifting off from a keypress. It wasn’t offputting, ultimate very obvious all thru exercise.

Overall, I truly truly loved the exercise of this keyboard for gaming capabilities. The macros were easy to program,  the RGB worked because it’ll smooth (albeit dinky), and the total feel of the Summoner was as soon as of honorable quality. So, for efficiency, I’d must give it a thumbs up.

Our Verdict

So, there you’ve it guys, our whole breakdown of the XPG Summoner RGB keyboard by ADATA. Despite the minor flaws that lengthen with this keyboard, I’d must claim I was as soon as resplendent impressed with it total. The model was as soon as extremely staunch (especially for this impress level – at the moment beneath $100) and the gaming efficiency left dinky to be desired.

On the downside, the RGB was as soon as extremely dinky and the board comes with no particular person software which, to be ultimate, is barely contemporary in in the intervening time and age. Having said that, the RGB presets were ample and programming macros was as soon as rather simple. Additional positives would possibly maybe well perchance furthermore furthermore be level to in the wrist rest, bringing heightened phases of comfort to your gaming journey.

Overall, for beneath $100, I’d must claim the Summoner isn’t very a corrupt keyboard at all. At this impress differ, this keyboard has pretty a chunk of going for it; a selection of mechanical switches, aluminum high plate, USB passthrough, and some utterly more than just a few components to spherical things off.

I direct all of it comes the total model down to what you prioritize. If you happen to need staunch gaming efficiency with strong gain quality, this keyboard goes to attend you pretty effectively. Nonetheless, must you’re more attracted to customization, flashy RGB, and media keys, then you would certainly secure better rate in other places in the market.

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