Z690 vs Z790 – Which to Choose?

With the launch of 13th Gen Main processors, Intel also produced a new major end chipset – the Z790. But how do these new motherboards assess to the past Gen Z690 and which must you use for your subsequent gaming computer system or workstation make? Read through on to study more on Z690 vs Z790.

What is Z790 (…and what’s a chipset)?

Z690 vs Z790

A chipset is a part on a motherboard that’s made by Intel or AMD to perform exclusively with their specific processors and in essence facilitates communication among the CPU, storage, RAM, GPU, and I/O. Selected chipsets only help specified functions these as PCIe Gen 5, DDR5 RAM, USB three.2 Gen 2, and so on. Precise chipsets also only support precise processors, so when picking a motherboard, make absolutely sure that the included chipset supports your processor of option.

Z790 is the Intel chipset that supports 12th and 13th Gen Intel Core processors (ie. Main i5-12600k, i9-13900k, etcetera). It takes advantage of the similar LGA 1700 socket as the previous gen Z690, but includes a handful of extra attributes that chipset does not. But are those more features value it?

Z690 vs Z790 – How do Attributes Assess?

Z690 Z790
Intel Socket LGA 1700 LGA 1700
12th Gen Guidance Of course Indeed
13th Gen Guidance Indeed (with BIOS update) Indeed
Help Overclocking Sure Certainly
Max RAM velocity 6400 6800
Max RAM Capability 128GB 128GB
Total PCIe Lanes 28 28
PCIe Gen 5 Lanes 20 20
PCIe Configurations 1×16 1×4 or 2×8 1×4 1×16 1×4 or 2×8 1×4
Max USB 3.two Gen 2×2 Ports four five
Max USB three.2 Gen 2×1 Ports 10 10
Max USB 3.two Gen 1×1 Ports 10 10
Max USB two. Ports 14 14

As you can see, with a couple insignificant exceptions, the two chipsets are incredibly similar in terms of capabilities. A single more noteworthy distinction is that since of the added available I/O throughput of Z790, people boards are a lot more probable to have Thunderbolt 4/USB four ports, although both of those chipsets technically support them.


We’ve tested and retested the two 12th Gen and 13th Gen processors on Z690 and Z790 chipset boards. But did we find any noteworthy effectiveness distinction?


It is much much more very likely you will see bigger variations processor to processor than you will in between two equivalent motherboard designs with differing chipsets. Never make this alternative based mostly on effectiveness.

Which to opt for?

Provided the just about equivalent characteristic established and the in fact equivalent efficiency, it’s hard to justify having to pay a top quality for Z790 about Z690 in all but the complete best conclusion builds. Except you experience the need for Thunderbolt four (and just cannot uncover a Z690 board that supports it) or have some DDR5-6800 RAM that demands a home, Z690 is possible the very best preference for your future build.

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